See You Next Week

I’m on vacation this week, camping with my family.

Camping with my family for 8 days.

Eight days in a row.

Of camping with my family.

So far, here are 5 Fun Facts About Our Vacations:

  1. Someone will always throw up the night before we leave.
  2. Someone will always throw up at the beginning of a long ride in the car.
  3. It will not necessarily be the same someone.
  4. No matter how prepared we are, the throw-up will never entirely make it in the ziplock bag.
  5. Certain husbands and wives who love each other very, very much should never (ever, ever) put up tents together. Like, ever.

That is all. I’ll see you on the flipside.

Back next week,

P.S. If you don’t already hang out with this community on Facebook, come on over. We have a good time, usually when I tell an embarrassing or inappropriate story and then your comments make it way more hilarious. Like here, and here, and here, and here.

P.P.S. Here are some of my favorite pictures of this trip so far. ‘Cause — hello! — MOMMY BLOG.

photo 1 (65)photo 5 (17)

photo 2 (72)

photo 2 (73)

photo 2 (74)

photo 5.PNG

photo 4 (33)

photo 4 (32)


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9 responses to “See You Next Week”

  1. Wow. You are calling a week of camping a vacation? That is super optimistic. I can think of any number off things to call camping or a vacation, but one is not generally related to the other. Especially with 5 kids. Enjoy! (since you seem to like that sort of thing…)

  2. Sounds like fun! I have been thinking about braving camping with my family but my little ones are much younger and I’m not sure how they will do. Your pictures look like it’s a beautiful spot to camp! Have a good time!

  3. Tip *5…thanks for the reminder. We’re going camping this upcoming weekend and oh my I will definitely have my brother-in-law help my husband…not me.

    Also, a fun note to make you smile. A long time ago (7 years) I was a super flexible college cheerleader. I no longer am, but while walking through the grocery store tonight I tried kicking either leg up behind me like in this picture. I totally forgot about it until I saw this and just got super embarrassed because someone may have seem me. I really need to start remember when I’m in public!

  4. Go Beth! The pics are awesome. How spiffy are you in your skirt! Have fun. And I totally totally totally get the never, ever, EVER tent rule. My solution – I stay away making a yummy camp treat while the men put up tent(s). When the boys were too little, I always, ALWAYS made my then unmarried younger siblings come camping with us so I could faithfully observe the never, ever, EVER rule. Enjoy, and look forward to that glorious hot bath – even my humble bathtub is at least as luxurious as a fancy spa after roughing it for a while!

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