At the End of Thanksgiving Weekend, This Is for You…

It’s the end of Thanksgiving weekend, and I don’t know about you but I’m sad it’s over because this holiday is one of my very favorites, and also WHEW; we made it! Hooray!

So this is for the moms who made the menus, and prepared the pies, and stood at the stoves, and stirred the sauces, and remembered the rolls, and greeted the guests, and welcomed the weirdos, and relaxed the routines, and laid down the law, and hugged the hooligans, and looked less than lovely, and stayed in their slippers, and never did rest. ...  read more

I Spy: A Thanksgiving Game (UPDATED With Drawing Winners)

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, friends. And if you’re not from the U.S., Happy Thanksgiving Eve, anyway; I promise to eat extra helpings of all my favorite foods for you over the next few days. It’s part of the international service we like provide here at the 5 Kids blog. You’re welcome.

Late last night, Greg moved our couch to make room for the long Thanksgiving table.  ...  read more

Welcome to Our New Home!

Welcome to our new home, friends! Our new website. Our new place to throw ourselves on the couch in our comfy jammy pants and old, ugly t-shirts and big, puffy socks and put our feet on the furniture because we’re home

I’m so glad you’re here.

So, SO glad.

Because we’re together and the move is OVER. Or mostly done, minus All the Unpacking and the Things I Forgot and the Things That Are Lost and the Myriad Details Left to Do, but nevermind that for now. ...  read more

Easy Peasy One-Pan Sausage Cashew Stuffing

Turkey Day for us Yanks is one week away, and counting. For some of you, that means fine-tuning your menu, grabbing a few last-minute items at grocery store, and spending the weekend blissfully rolling pie crusts on your immaculate marble slabs (they keep the butter colder, I hear) while your children decorate the house with all the leaves you so diligently gathered and pressed in October when they were at the peak of their fall colors and not, you know, rotting brown goo like the leaves in my gutter. All of you who are living that dream, please say so; I mean it very sincerely when I say I want to live vicariously through you, because there’s no way my weekend’s gonna go down like that. ...  read more

Website Redesign Coming Soon (Here’s a Sneak Peek!)

I don’t think there’s anything more terrible than calling a photographer for headshots. Not hunger. Not violence. Not war. NOTHING is worse. Or lots of things are seriously WAY worse, and a lightening bolt is headed my way, but I’m the one writing here, so, until the sparks fly and I pay the price in spontaneous combustion, NOTHING IS WORSE, I say. ...  read more

Community Question: What Do You Do When You Want Faith and Can’t Find It?

I wasn’t going to write another serious piece today, because I wrote about the Ladder out of Depression yesterday, and who really needs to read another lyrical, sappy, heartfelt post so soon? NO ONE. No one is who. But then you all RUINED EVERYTHING. And by “everything,” I mean you ruined my plan to write about the One Main Difficulty in Sharing a Hotel Room With Friends, which, specifically, is Farting, because When? and How? and Windows That Don’t Open! And, frankly, I could’ve used the advice, folks, because I cannot for the life of me figure this one out, but nnnooooo… ...  read more

The Ladder Up

Hey, guess what?
I found the Ladder out of Depression!
The LITERAL ladder.

photo 3 (53)

^^^ Bad news is, it looks like this. ^^^


Several months ago, I found myself back in the Depression Hole, which was an enormous surprise given the fact that I wasn’t sad. An occasional teeny, tiny raging bitch, perhaps. Nearly beside myself with anxiety anytime I left my children, sure. More and more reclusive, absolutely. And having a terrible time breathing through it all. But not “depressed,” per se. Evidence mounted, though, that I had a Big Problem and that the only way out was to start climbing. Again. Which felt very pppffffftttt. And blerg. And OOF. And it’s been slow going, this determined walk toward slow hope, which seems kind of sucky except when I remember that “slow going” and “slow hope” include the words going and hope which are enough for now because they’re progress, and progress is better than being stuck. ...  read more