I Spy: A Thanksgiving Game (UPDATED With Drawing Winners)

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, friends. And if you’re not from the U.S., Happy Thanksgiving Eve, anyway; I promise to eat extra helpings of all my favorite foods for you over the next few days. It’s part of the international service we like provide here at the 5 Kids blog. You’re welcome.

Late last night, Greg moved our couch to make room for the long Thanksgiving table. 

This is what we found:

photo 2 (5)

Yes, we did.

Please note that this pie is in my oven right now, though:

photo (85)

Which makes us All the Things. Both/And, friends; BOTH living in couch filth and squalor AND making rustic chic pies. 

When I posted this on Facebook this morning, to share our Happy Schadenfreude moment with you all, 

photo 3 (5)

…Shauna Wagner, a friend of this blog, commented that it looks like an I Spy game. 


So now that’s what it is.

Welcome to
I Spy: A Thanksgiving Game

I’m going to share 2 pictures of the stunning mess that was under our couch, and you’re invited to identify one thing by making an I Spy comment in the comment section below, like this, “I Spy a pink M&M, left over from last Easter, perhaps?” Or, “I Spy a tiny, brown, wrinkled, petrified Satsuma orange. Since those only come out at Christmas time, I can only guess when that rolled under the couch.”

From any comments that correctly identify something in the Pile of Awesomeness, I will randomly draw 5 winners to receive an original, printed-on-our-only-works-sometimes-printer postcard of something else in our house with a note thanking you for being part of our weird, wonky, wonderful community. The postcard could be pretty. It could be gross. It’s anyone’s guess, really.

Entries for the drawing can be submitted until 10:00 p.m., Wednesday, November 27th, Pacific Standard Time. So, you know, today. Comments, as always, welcome anytime.

OK, then. Ready?

Here we go.

photo 1 (5) photo 2 (5)

What do you spy? 

You know, besides a mama who’s lost her ever-loving mind.


Thanks to all of you who played I Spy. Your answers were AWESOME, and I feel like I’m in very, very good company now. Still laughing at how well you GET IT. I drew winners for the postcards using a random number generator, and I included all of you who entered after the deadline, because I’m a rule-breaker and it gets worse the older I get. Rules Schmules. Here are our 5 drawing winners:

Lori Ricard
Katrina Collins



Send your address to me at FiveKidsIsALotOfKids@gmail.com and I’ll pop those in the mail! They might include a picture of my bathroom mirror which has a note in lipstick from my daughter that reads “Happy Mother’s Day!” Yep – from last May. ‘Cause cleaning bathroom mirrors is a bottom-of-list task around here. With, um, a lot of other tasks.

Happy Thanksgiving!


P.S. It’s OK if you needed to dry-heave a little after seeing those pics. Me, too.

P.P.S. No need to put your address in the comments section. I’ll email winners and you can send me your address privately. Also, this is totally open to international participants. Play on!



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55 responses to “I Spy: A Thanksgiving Game (UPDATED With Drawing Winners)”

  1. This made me feel better after looking around my living room and feeling like we will never be able to have company over. Both/And, indeed. That’s real life.

  2. Too bad I missed the contest, but Beth, how did MY son’s missing Hot Wheels that we’ve been searching for – forever! – end up under YOUR couch??? Did I come to vist you and completely forget the visit? What were we drinking LOL?
    Happy Thanksgiving, brave mama!

  3. I spy with my little eye those blue handled scissors that I lost last Thanksgiving eve making homemade Turkey napkin holders and I even spy that dart (suction cup variety) that I shot grandpa with. Here’s to another year of Thanksgiving fun! And now I can make Grandma’s super special recipe that’s in that notebook and I will be able to get it right because Grandma’s super secret decoder magnifying glass is right there too!!

    Thanks for sharing the photo’s … helps us to realize we all have things in common … even if it is the yearly scavenger hunt when we move the couch! I know my pups are always happy to find all their lost toys when we move the couch or the bed or the chair …

  4. Well, it’s too late to “I spy” for the contest (I only got the email notice about the new post this morning) but I just want to say how wonderful it is to know that we’re not the only ones with scary stuff under our couch — and we don’t have 5 kids! (Just one grandchild and I don’t think we can blame very much of it on her, except maybe the pink mega-blocks.) We, too, have to move our couch for the Thanksgiving table and I’ve been so horrified every year (since we have friends/family help us move things around) that this year I actually pulled it out ahead of time and swept underneath first! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  5. I agree, 10 pm is too early. Whatever happened to waving in the dark? I spy a pile of dirt to prove how much your crew loves playing outside. And not wiping their feet when they come in.

  6. 10pm? Wait, the day ends at 10pm? I hope you’ll make an exception for someone who didn’t get to the sitting down me-time until after 10:30. Even if I have no chance at a gross post card…
    I spy a half of a wooden train track bridge, down which a child could roll fruit loops, bouncy balls, or a petrified satsuma, giving them the momentum to roll far, far under the couch.

  7. I spy a blue lego. A sure sign of an argument about “Who stole the blue Lego piece?” and “Now I can’t finish my project.” And so on an so forth. I also spy some very cute containers in the background which makes me super jealous because we have the couch mess (and the kitchen, and the desk, and the…..you get the idea)but no cute shelves and containers.

  8. I spy a goldfish cracker and a postcard addressed to Abby… I do not spy anyone’s glasses… Once, I lost my glasses and spent days searching for them and not being able to drive. Finally, I ordered a new pair! Then, one day, they fell out of the couch…and this was after we’d moved two states away from where I’d first lost them. Couches are amazing. And gross. But mostly amazing.

  9. I spy a small plastic magnifying “glass” which originated from a science kit in one of your children’s classrooms. They were most likely using it to carefully inspect dried owl pellets (otherwise known as poop) when their teacher realized that it was past time to clean up and in the ensuing hubbub it was accidentally swept into their backpack along with their pencils, erasers, and science homework (we are hopeful that the pellets themselves stayed at school). It was rediscovered about two weeks later when the student was desperately searching for any writing implement that would allow them to complete their math assignment. They briefly pondered how a magnifying glass had made it into their bag, when it dawned on them that this glass had touched poop– causing them to fling it through the air before landing across the room and skittering under the couch. It is near the top of the pile so this probably occurred last month and the science teacher would very much like it back now that you’ve found it.

  10. I spy a fork….forgotten from a meal or perhaps stashed under said couch to avoid a trip to the kitchen to get a fork next time!

  11. I spy at least a dozen Fruit Loops, probably flung fro their bowl when the child who had intended to eat them was suddenly forced to engage evasive maneuvers to avoid the suction cup dart, which I also spy.

  12. I spy a barely-eaten red lollipop, which can only mean that someone started eating it, got distracted, put it down, couldn’t find it when they got back, then spent hours yelling at another kid for “touching their stuff.” Or they didn’t like it and promptly stashed it in the alternate garbage receptacle, also known as Under Something or On The Floor.

    And a 2 of diamonds. Your next game of Go Fish should be fun. 🙂

  13. I can’t decide if that wood thing is a train track or a rubber band shooter…and is that a pink wooden bead or an Easter M&M? …I find it hard to believe there would be free candy lying around, but I suppose it could happen in UnderCouchLand

  14. I spy a blue crayon. An UNBROKEN blue crayon. Which only proves how quickly said blue crayon was lost, when it was taken out of a brand new box of crayons and then quickly rolled away into the black hole under the couch. 🙂

  15. I spy with my little eye a full dustbin…but my kids would spy a golf ball, a car, a nerf dart and a magnifying glass…but I’m sure there would be much more they could salvage while I was getting the broom.

  16. I spy popcorn that is not only under the couch but in the cushions as the whole family snuggles up on the couch for movie night and hands are grabbing in the big bowl (or microwave bag) of popcorn and trying to stuff the handful of popcorn in their mouths. I try to get my whole family to eat one piece at a time so we don’t end up with kernels everywhere but within seconds I am following suit stuffing mouthfuls of popcorn into my mouth trying to keep up with the rest of them!

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