If You’re Really, REALLY Lucky & Your Wife Loves You Very, VERY Much, Someday She Might Do Something Like This for You

You know those iconic pics from your childhood that you just HATE and no one will ever let you live down?

Like, ever?

This is Greg’s, from high school, 25 years ago at Disneyland with his family.

Because Holy White Short Shorts, Batman.


And, also, you Sexy, Sexy Boy.

Now, Greg was hoping, of course, that someday I’d put that on the internets for everyone to see, but because I love him so much (so, SO much) — and because he missed those short shorts deep, deep down inside — I decided to make a grand gesture and demonstrate my love for Greg by buying him brand new (ish) white short shorts from Goodwill… and bringing them to Disneyland so he could recreate his photo, 25 years later. ...  read more

Because Grace

There are bits and pieces of my life – of all our lives, I suspect – that can’t be parsed or parceled or wrapped up into neat packages, and so they become secrets, not in bad ways necessarily, but quiet and hidden nonetheless because I find myself at a loss for how to disassemble them in any way that makes sense while leaving them as deep and horrible and wonderful and true as they really are. I wait to talk about these pieces, usually, until I can manage to break off a piece of the story about adoption, about depression, about marriage, about faith, about the dark, about grace, about train wrecks, about my body, about kids with special needs, about LIFE. A piece that makes sense as itself, not polished or perfect, perhaps, but something that reflects the whole. That shines a light on the rest. That helps me put words to the rock that is part of the mountain or the grain that is part of the beach or the drop that is part of the ocean that overwhelms me. ...  read more

An Open Letter to the Girl Scouts of the USA on the REAL Issue With Your Organization


Dear Girl Scouts of the USA,

I know you’ve had your share of controversies over the last few years, and I don’t mean to fan the flames, but I’ve thought about this long and hard, and I believe I would be remiss if I neglected to bring one additional, and, frankly, much bigger issue to your attention.

Now, I get that you are all, clearly, a bunch of left-leaning, lesbian, feminist, pro-abortionists who brilliantly cover up your true motives by: ...  read more

Writing Contest: Family and Imperfection

It’s time! It’s here!

I’m very excited to announce our first WRITING CONTEST is officially open for submissions. Our theme is Family and Imperfection, and parameters are loosey-goosey because, as a writer myself, I find the best work comes from the heart and not from a precise word count or writing style.

If you’re a writer, take a shot! ENTER. If you’re not a writer, share this with your writing friends; trust me, telling a writer friend you thought of them – that you think they’ve got what it takes to make this writing gig happen, that they have stories worth telling – is life-giving encouragement. If it wasn’t for a few people who relentlessly encouraged me and continuously urged me to KEEP WRITING, I wouldn’t be here with all of you today; instead, I’d still have what my kids call a “real job” where I “help people” and not a “pretend job” where I “think about myself all day.” And man, that would suck. ...  read more

Love Is: An Ode to Our Marriage

When we were married 19 years ago, I knew about love. I did. And I wasn’t wrong because love is, in fact, gentle and love is kind. Love is a two-way street. And love is a choice. And love, it’s true, is what conquers against all odds. I knew. I did. And I wasn’t wrong. 

But I didn’t know that love, also, was made up of failure. And of bruises. And of falling down. And of getting up. Sometimes. Eventually. And of a thousand thousand tiny moments and little sighs and brief caresses and small hurts and exhaustion and healing and time.  ...  read more

Doodle Embroidery: Only as Inappropriate as You Make It

My grandma taught me to cross stitch right around 1980, and I was a rainbow-producing machine. Sometimes I even made my rainbows fancy with clouds at either end because, what can I say? I was a sewing prodigy.

Well, I have a new favorite pastime these days, inspired by Dame Judy Dench because that lady is classy and accomplished, and, also, she embroiders profane pillows...  read more