If You’re Really, REALLY Lucky & Your Wife Loves You Very, VERY Much, Someday She Might Do Something Like This for You

You know those iconic pics from your childhood that you just HATE and no one will ever let you live down?

Like, ever?

This is Greg’s, from high school, 25 years ago at Disneyland with his family.

Because Holy White Short Shorts, Batman.


And, also, you Sexy, Sexy Boy.

Now, Greg was hoping, of course, that someday I’d put that on the internets for everyone to see, but because I love him so much (so, SO much) — and because he missed those short shorts deep, deep down inside — I decided to make a grand gesture and demonstrate my love for Greg by buying him brand new (ish) white short shorts from Goodwill… and bringing them to Disneyland so he could recreate his photo, 25 years later.

Which is what we did.


And why we are now, officially, celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Greg’s Short Shorts.

I know. I know.

Best. Wife. Ever.


In conclusion, greater love has no man than this: that he recreate an 80’s short shorts picture for his wife.



P.S. Greg saw a t-shirt he wants on this trip. It reads, “I Love My Crazy Wife.” Also, I think he’s willing to trade me for a churro and a new set of mouse ears at this point. Or best offer; he seems open to negotiation.


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12 responses to “If You’re Really, REALLY Lucky & Your Wife Loves You Very, VERY Much, Someday She Might Do Something Like This for You”

  1. Thank you for this, I needed a good laugh today! Makes me want to pay it forward…maybe I need to go dig out my senior picture from 1992 and post it on my facebook page…:-)

    • It is VERY important that we’re all clear on this: The Jeff next to Greg is GREG’S brother Jeff, not BETH’S brother Jeff. (Ask Beth sometime about how her kids have three uncles Jeff.)

  2. Beth, you have filled me with an appreciation for my wife that…well, my heart is spilling over with appreciation of how lucky I am.

    (There are some really unflattering photos of me from 1989 in my mom’s house.)

  3. Greg’s legs are almost as sexy as MY husband’s. (Frantically looking for picture proof from 1989) Soccer muscles. Greg is a super sport. My hubs would NEVER.

  4. This is the greatest.

    I saw Greg at Chapters last week and merrily waved at him. Then remembered that I only know him through your blog and he has no idea who I am… He waved back anyway, though, looking a little confused.

  5. Wait, seriously, no one has commented on this yet? I’m first?? Okay, my comment is two fold.
    a) The 2014 shorts are nowhere NEAR as short as the 1989 shorts. Seriously, you could have hemmed them, for the full effect.
    b) Greg clearly loves you a crazy amount OR he realized that he was really getting off easy because see a) above. Or both.

    I’m guessing both. Crazy love and a tiny bit of relief about the not-as-short short shorts.

    • Agree with the not short enough in 2014. Is there somewhere we can file a complaint about that- but not until I yell out a little construction worker style cat call to your awesome husband who maybe doesn’t understand how the internet works?

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