When I Think of You, It Is Always Gladness

I have a friend named J who lives life and loves people well. I hope to be more like him when I grow up.

J sent me a message, and it looks like this:

Beth, sometimes I’m having a shit day and find you on the internet and feel like “eh, ok. I feel not as terrible.”

Sometimes I’m having an ok day and see you in person and remember I’m not alone, even when our words are few.

Sometimes I’m having a kickawesome day and I remember how gregarious you can be and still call yourself an introvert, and I flaunt a passing smirk sitting alone in wherever I am.

All to say, yer neat, and when I think of you, it is always gladness.


It was a nice note, and it made me feel seen, which is, after all, what I think each of us needs – to be seen. To be known. To be loved. To be liked. To be valued. And to have a sense, somehow, of belonging and community and that being ourselves boldly is enough. Is, in fact, exactly who we are meant to be. Which is why the end of J’s message choked me up. What an extraordinary gift, I thought, to hear that when someone thinks of you, it’s always with gladness.

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 Yesterday, I told you I feel a little lost sometimes, wanting so very much for all of us to feel valued and loved without limits and not knowing how or where to begin. Today, I wonder if this isn’t the perfect way to start… by encouraging each us to think of people to whom we can send this simple and extraordinary message.

Will you join me, friends, in sending these words to 5 (or infinite) people? You can link here or not. Say the words in writing or in person. Send it over Facebook or by email. On the phone or by carrier pigeon. On a card. With flowers. Via sky writer or in sign language. 

I just think it might make a difference for all of us to know…

When I Think of You, It Is Always Gladness


And, P.S., When I Think of You, who hang out here in this space with me, It Is Always Gladness. <– True story.

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