UPDATED: Why the Internets Are RAD. Chins for the Win.

My 16 year old friend, Elsie, and I played the Multiple Chins Game last night.

You know, where you post on Facebook pictures of yourself with as many chins as you can muster? And then shame your thin, gorgeous teenage friend for being unable to deliver as many chins as you?

It’s good times. I’m telling you. I mean, what is not to love about posting this on Facebook on purpose?

photo 1 (69)

And Elsie tried her best, bless her heart…

photo 2 (75)

…but I won. Clearly.

She thinks it’s not fair that I have a big dog bite scar under my chin and thus get an entire extra chin to my credit, but I say play to your strengths, man. (And you could stand to be a better loser, Elsie. Geez.)

And, because I KNOW you’re eager to play, too, I have found a way!

photo 3 (54)

You can upload your supah hot many-chins picture to the 5 Kids Facebook page here – and check out the fabulousness already there – and we’ll judge a winner on Monday morning (Pacific Time) based on the picture with the most likes.

There’ll even be a (totally pathetic) prize for the winner (like a summer sausage or processed cheese product.) 

And – oh my gosh – the pictures that are already up? Precious gems, every one. It gets funnier and funnier the more people play. You guys are ridiculous… and my FAVORITES. 

#ChinsForTheWin #IHaveAtLeastSeven #TakeTHATFakebook


UPDATE: And we have a winner!

Congratulations, Emily!

This is Emily’s picture as originally uploaded – yep, upside down, which was a brilliant strategic move – to Facebook:


Emily wants you to know she’s not naked in this picture. 


And here it is, flipped right side up, just so all the blood doesn’t rush to Emily’s head.


Email me at FiveKidsIsALotOfKids@gmail.com, Emily, with your address and your preference of summer sausage or velveeta cheese. YUM, right??

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One response to “UPDATED: Why the Internets Are RAD. Chins for the Win.”

  1. Beth…..do I get a special prize for having all of the chins in photographs….even when I’m not trying to.And add in a few hormonal chin spots(I’ve only developed these post children)….and how could I forget a fuzzy blonde beard,interspersed with a few coarse dark hairs?Ah….I remember fondly back to the time that my main facial area of concern was a few fine lines under my eyes….now I have the chin “issues”,along with jowels….I didn’t even know what jowels were until one day I looked in the mirror and saw them….
    And then to my shame….following one especially horrific photo,I asked my children if my face was really that ….cough….big???Do you need me to tell you their answer?:-)
    Thanks for another brilliant post…..we really are each others people….it’s good to find one’s people…..it’s very good.x

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