Happy Classy Thanksgiving

Let’s say, hypothetically, your cousins showed up at your house last Thanksgiving in a massive RV and made references all weekend to the Griswolds and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

GriswoldRV“That there’s an RV, Clark.”
“Yeah, Eddie. It looks so nice parked in front of the house.”
“Sure does, but don’t you go fallin’ in love with it, now,
’cause we’re taking it with us when we leave here next month.”

And then let’s say you have the opportunity to borrow an airporter — you know, those enormous, bulky, sexy shuttle buses? woot woo! — to make the 6-hour drive to see said cousins this year which means you can totally, completely WIN the Classy Cousins Contest. For, like, ALL TIME.


I think you’re pretty much obligated to do it, right?



And to spend the 6 hours on the road making important announcements over the intercom? 


Yep. That’s what I thought, too. But I just thought I’d check.

In short, 

Happy Classy Thanksgiving
from our family to yours


Wishing you all a fabulous time.




P.S. We may or may not have used the wheelchair straps in the back to secure the keg of home brew we brought. Just saying – we TOTALLY win.


Griswold RV photo credit Old Navy


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8 responses to “Happy Classy Thanksgiving”

  1. Umm…just wondering if you realized there are more than give kids in this pic? Or did one of the neighbors take an opportune moment to sneak an extra in on you?

  2. Beth….Where can I get me one of them there busses,it totally outclasses the recreational vehicle…but does it have a bathroom(I cannot bring myself to type the actual name that cousin Eddie called it,suffice to say,everytime my son uses the bathroom he announces that he is going to the *******,even though he watched this epic movie five years ago)

    Stay classy people

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Beth! I had to comment because I love all the Aden and Abby love going on in these pictures! It gives me hope that one day my two girls will stop bickering. For at least a few minutes. Or really just three fractions of seconds, and not even consecutive ones, from your photographic evidence. But still. It’s something. Something to look forward to… for the future… when it will surely happen (right? It will, won’t it?).

  4. That ROCKS! I’m kinda jealous. You know that’s gonna be a favorite family memory. Every Thanksgiving your kids are going to get a nostalgic twinge when they see an airporter with an assisted living home ad on the side.

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