Let’s Play Good News / Bad News

Sometimes we play Good News/Bad News. We played a few days ago over on the 5 Kids Facebook page. Now I have an update! So I thought we’d play here, too.

I’ll go first, starting with last Wednesday’s Good News / Bad News and then updating you to the present.

Here we go!

Good News: We did not have to take a kid to the hospital tonight.

Bad News: The kid may have a cracked jaw.

Good News: He can eat!

Bad News: But not solids.

Good News: We have access to effective over-the-counter pain medicine in this country.

Bad News: He couldn’t swallow it.

Good News: And then he did!
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Bad News: His sister did this to him with a pool noodle, her shoulder and some mad ninja spinning skillz. 

Good News: She says it wasn’t on purpose.

Bad News: All the witnesses disagree with her.

Good News: Someone bit her at Youth Group tonight. HARD. There are tooth marks and a bruise.

(Maybe that was Bad News. I’m getting confused.)

Bad News: It was her brother who bit her.

Good News: Not the same brother whose jaw might be cracked. He could’ve re-injured himself.

Bad News: I gotta figure out what to do with the Pool Noodle Ninja AND the Biter. Sheesh.

Good News: It’s bedtime, so I’m doing NOTHING ’til tomorrow. 


That was Good News / Bad News from Wednesday.

Now that it’s Sunday, I have follow-up Good News / Bad News. 



Good News: The kid’s jaw wasn’t cracked, and he could totally eat solids 2 days later. 

Bad News: The Pool Noodle Ninja and the Biter had to suffer unreasonable consequences like Doing Nice Things for the Siblings They’d Wounded. For a WHOLE DAY. Which was TORTURE.

Good News: The human spirit is resilient and everyone bounced back.

Bad News: That kid whose jaw wasn’t cracked? The 8-year-old, 60-pounder of a kid? Got bit in the leg by a dog this weekend. BIT. By a dog. A big dog. With a big, huge mouth. Like, puncture wound kind of bit, not like scratched-and-scared kind of bit. BIT bit.

Good News: The human spirit is resilient and everyone bounced back. Again. Even this mommy who has her own teeny, tiny history with dog bites… and who, you know, has a nose made partially out of ear, some pretty darn good facial scarring (if I do say so myself), and a nice number of reconstructive and plastic surgeries to my credit thanks to my own childhood run-in with a dog. Still – we are resilient, man! We will overcome!

Bad News: The kid’s playdate at the friend’s house – the one with the dog – was shorter than he’d hoped what with all the wound-cleaning and couch-sitting and doctor-calling and mommy-rocking-her-baby-boy that had to be done. Mostly for the mommy’s sake, but whatever.

Good News: They still got to play together because, “NO, I do NOT want to go home, Mom. They put that dog in the backyard, you know, and we still have to play Minecraft ’cause they have mods. Doy.” 

Bad News: My kid’s mom has all the wrong priorities – Minecraft FIRST; freaking out over dog bites SECOND. Stupid moms.

Good News: The other kid’s mom had a really, really good selection of calming teas, which, let’s be honest, we both needed. And my kid’s mom has a bathtub and beer, both of which she used liberally this weekend. 


So PHEW! You know? Phew. We survived the weekend, and I am not even exaggerating this time. We lived through it, and PHEW!

And now it is YOUR TURN to play Good News / Bad News. Please do share. It’s always more fun when we play together.

Here are a couple examples from our Facebook sharing, just to inspire you…

From Ryann:
Good News: I was able to get into my car tonight at work.

Bad News: I only was able to do that after calling my husband and yelling at him because the battery and my emergency key wouldn’t work on the car.
Good News: It was the wrong car I was trying to get into with my keys. 
Bad News: I’m getting so old and forgetful I spent 10 minutes using my keys on someone else’s car.

Good News: I wasn’t arrested for attempted car theft.


From Miranda:
Good News: The lake is frozen thick enough we can skate on it!

Bad News: My 4th grader took a hockey stick to the face and busted his lip and front tooth.
Good News: It was cold enough outside to at least keep the swelling down.
Bad News: All the blood froze where we skate. How to you get frozen blood off of a frozen lake?

Oh my gosh, you guys. I just love you all SO MUCH. 

So what’ve you got, friends? Do tell…

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17 responses to “Let’s Play Good News / Bad News”

  1. Good news: The local fire department is capable and responsive.

    Bad news: My husband had to call the fire department.

    Good news: Not because anyone was hurt, or because anyone’s house was on fire.

    Bad news: A car was on fire.

    Good news: It wasn’t one of my family’s cars!

    Bad news: It belonged to one of my husband’s students.

    Good news: After the fire department put the fire out, the car was still operational.

    Bad news: My husband started the fire.

    Good news: He was trying to be helpful!

    Bad news: He *still* hasn’t googled how to jump start a car correctly.

  2. Also a Halloween follow-up.

    Bad news/or Good news: We don’t do costumes. (Really only because I hate it and it’s a lot of work. No big convictions)
    Bad news: sons school doing dress up on Halloween.
    Good news: son didn’t want to participate.
    Bad news: 20 min before it was time to leave that morning he decided he REALLY wanted to participate.
    Good news: I was feeling compassion toward my kid and thought that he should have that experience then.
    Bad news: We had 20 min and NO idea of what to free him as.
    Good news: He is super fun and creative and thought to be a teenage vampire since someone gave him some plastic vampire teeth.
    Bad news: That’s all we had.
    Good new: Said creative kid said, “mom, just use your eye-shadow, and can you put some mascara on me, use your lipstick for drips of blood, and how bout some of your Proactiv mask to make my face whiteish… And I’ll wear my school pants and your leather jacket.”
    Bad news: I spent all day worrying about him. Would he get teased for basically just wearing his mom’s makeup and clothes?!
    Good news: He got first place in the costume contest!
    More good news: I totally laughed at myself on that one. And he and I made a GREAT memory!!

    • No idea of what to DRESS him as. Silly “auto correct”. Normally I just go with it. But, ” free him” really didn’t make sense. Although, the experience WAS freeing 😉

  3. Good news: library cards = free books (and I could throw a stone and hit the library from my house.
    Bad news: Late fees (see above about proximity. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!?)

  4. Teacher version:

    Good news: There are 9 kids voluntarily staying after school in my classroom right now.
    Bad news: Only 3 of them are here to work, and the rest are here for anime club.
    Good news: Anime club brings great snacks.
    Bad news: I know nothing about anime, and am not sure how I wound up being their “adviser.”
    Good news: It is great to learn new things.
    Bad news: The “working” kids are not accomplishing anything because of anime enthusiasm volume.
    Good news: They’re kids that wouldn’t be working anyway. Wait, is that good news? Maybe not.
    Bad news: I can’t concentrate on my work either.
    Good news: No school tomorrow!

  5. Good news: I am due to have my third child on Saturday.
    Bad news: My husband was painting the rocking chair my mom nursed 5 kids in and left it outside to dry. The garbage men thought it was trash and compacted it.
    Good news: A chair is just a chair. Hopefully we’ll a replacement in 2 weeks time.
    Bad news: My husband seems to have herniated a disc in his back on Saturday.
    Good news: I have a healthy 4 and 6 year old who are very excited about the babies arrival.
    Bad news: Mama needs healthy daddy to help with those two big girls! Agh!

  6. No good news, bad news stuff because I’m just not creative enough for that! But, my son DID break his jaw…in three places…to where they thought he lost a tooth, but it was just the gap from the break. And he had to have his jaw wired shut for six weeks…and now has a metal plate in his chin because it was that bad of a break. Oh, I forgot to mention that he did this while playing football. And because his team made it into the playoffs, he played in one more game after his jaw was all healed. This mom was so NOT ready for that!!

    So thankful your little guy didn’t have to go through all this!

  7. Bad News: my six year old broke her arm
    Good News: she broke it while fearlessly playing with 11 year old boys
    Bad News: it was REALLY, REALLY gross. Arms are not supposed to bend in several directions at once!
    Good News: she didn’t cry once!
    Good News: neither did I!
    Bad News: she has learned absolutely nothing from this experience and is doing dangerous things with her body right this moment
    Good News: her appointment to see the pediatric orthopedist to have her cast put on is in the morning, so if she gets hurt being dangerous tonight we can just deal with it then.

  8. Good news: We got flu shots!
    Bad news: The 4 year old reacted with high fevers for a week.
    Good news: She felt better and we left the house for the first time in over a week, and went to walmart to get groceries.
    Bad news: We went to walmart and touched the wally world cart and didn’t wash our hands immediately and I got the stomach flu.
    Good news: It passed within 24 hours
    Bad news: Just in time for both kids to start yarfing…for two days straight
    Good news: Yarfing ended
    Bad news: Little one then got diarrhea….it’s been 3 days of that
    Good news: No liquid blowouts today (just really noxious baby gas that has us nervously checking his dipe every three seconds)
    Bad news: Partner started yarfing in the middle of the night and through the morning. The walmart plague got the whole family.
    Good news: That stopped.
    Bad news: I’m so, so scared to do anything that involves my hands or my mouth ’cause we cannot have another stretch like these last two weeks!
    Good news: No more walmart. Evah!

  9. *Halloween*
    Good News: We talked about costumes a whole month before Halloween!
    Bad News: 8yo wanted to be a dress-up box mash-up that looked ridiculous
    Good News: It was still better than “Black Walrus,” the superhero he invented by turning tbe Batman mask upside down.
    Good News: 6yo wanted to be a red ninja! Which we already had everything for!
    Bad News: he didn’t like the mask thing I made him out of a t-shirt
    Good News: He changed his mind and didn’t want to be a ninja after all.
    Bad News: He didn’t have any other ideas.
    Good News: 4yo wanted to be a robot. I always wanted to make a shiny silver robot costume! Yay, I can go to the hardware store! (I love the hardware store. Don’t judge.)
    Bad News: He wanted to be Bumblebee, the Transformer.
    Good News: I found tutorials online!
    Bad News: It would take me a hundred years to follow those instructions, and it would still look lousy.
    Good News: I figured out a way to do it cheap and easy!
    Bad News: He didn’t want to be Bumblebee anymore. Maybe because I warned him so many times how hard it would be to make. Ooops.
    Good News: He found a costume in the dress-up box.
    Bad News: We found a Bumblebee mask for cheap at W-mart that would have been really cute.
    Good News: His costume cost nothing so I got him the mask for fun.
    Bad News: The 8yo wanted to be a vampire, but was confused about what a vampire was.
    Good News: I am learning not to be controlling. This doesn’t really matter.
    Bad News: He decided to be an evil magician, who needed a staff. Which he decided to make out of a broom. Also, It turns out it matters TO ME.
    Good News: We made it look okay with felt.
    More Good News: 6yo decided to be Batman. We already had everything we need!
    Bad News: The bat symbol fell off his coat.
    Good news: The toddler doesn’t have an opinion on costumes.
    Bad news: He does have an opinion on missing his nap.
    Good news: Halloween is over.

    If you read all that I am impressed.

  10. bad news: I’m broke, like 3-digit negative account balance broke.
    good news: I was asked to tutor someone that can pay for tutoring.
    bad news: She doesn’t really want tutoring, she wants me to do the work.
    good news: I really needed the money.
    bad news: I teach, I don’t do the work for them.
    good news: I still enjoy teaching!
    bad news: I now know I don’t like teaching adults.
    good news: Now I know!

  11. Good news: It’s a PD day and the kids are home and I don’t have to get up early to make their lunches so I can sleep in!
    Bad news: I had to get up and make my husbands lunch at 6:45am.
    Good news: it’s only one lunch not 4.
    Bad news: by the time I finished making it all 3 kids were up.
    Good news: I can go back to sleep after right?
    Bad news: ya right! That worked out well!
    Good news: I made a cake and ate it.
    Bad news: discovered why I am so tired, grumpy and craving cake.
    Good news: it will only last for 5-7 days…

    • Lol! I figured out why I was tired, grumpy and craving chocolate, but mine will last 9 months. 😉

      PS – Six kids is a lot of kids!

  12. Good news: The daughter who threw up all over her bed in the middle of the night (as mentioned on Facebook) is all happy and healthy now.
    Bad news: The bug then moved on to her brother who threw up his breakfast just as I was telling the kids to go get ready so we could go get our influenza shots.
    Good news: Her brother is all happy and healthy now.
    Bad news: It’s my turn.
    Good news: Having had way too much stuff coming out of my both ends for over two days means I now get to eat and drink whatever I want without any remorse whatsoever, as long as I actually manage to do it. Potato chips, here I come!

  13. good news: after five weeks of recovery I went back to work!
    Bad news: after my shift, my truck had a dead battery.
    Good news: my cousin works at a bar within walking distance.
    Bad news: I thought it was a mile walk it was indeed two miles.
    Good news: it wasn’t too cold

  14. Good news: My tooth has stopped bleeding, and doesn’t seem to be loose.
    Bad news: My upper lip is still swollen, looking like some serious Botox gone wrong.
    Good news: My 3yo’s skull is just fine, showing no repurcussions of having come into contact with said lip/tooth.
    Bad news: Mommy eventually found the wrappers from the candy he was hiding under his blanket eating when she leaned down to say “Boo” and he reared up to stop her from looking.

    And, Good news: Mommy doesn’t have to conduct story time today, because she is not at work.
    Bad news: Mommy is not at work because she drove 4 1/2 hours with another child to see a specialist and now she is sitting and waiting in the clinic’s office.
    Good news: The clinic has wi-fi and Mommy brought her laptop, so she can read Beth Woosley’s blog posts, so, hey, it’s all good, right?!

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