This Made Me Think of You. Not Because You’re Bad at Punctuation.

I saw this yesterday and I immediately thought of you. 


Not because you’re really bad at punctuation, but because I LOVE YOU.

“I love you with ALL MY BUTT. I would say heart, but my butt is bigger.” 

This is a true truth, friends. 

As true a truth as I know. 

I LOVE YOU WITH ALL THE BREADTH OF MY GIGANTIC BUTT. And I hope you feel at least somewhat comforted by that. I know I do. Because I grew this butt myself, and our community grew this love together, so this makes strange sense to me. Strange and beautiful, beautiful sense. 

Last night, I wrote about destinations and the unavoidable reality that we aren’t necessarily able to navigate to our destination just because we desire to be there. Diana wrote back on Facebook, “The other day I was up in the middle of the night, no reason, kids all asleep…. It’s just me who can’t sleep lately. And I hate the dark, hate the night. But I laid there and thought… I know for a fact, because of your posts and this community, that others mommas were also up and waving in the dark at that very moment. I waved, and said out loud, ‘waving in the dark,’ and the comfort that it brought me was profound. Thank you ALL.” 

And I just want you to know, friends, in case you wonder why I love you — WHY? Why? — it’s because of this thing Diana put her finger on. It’s because you’re there for each other. Because you’re creating a whole community of momrades who wave in the dark.

I think you’re incredibly rad. Times infinity. And I wanted you to know.

Love (truly),


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5 responses to “This Made Me Think of You. Not Because You’re Bad at Punctuation.”

  1. The sermon at church today was all about goals. But the speaker mentioned that we had to be open to changes in our plans, and all I could think of was your post, which was so helpful last night. I have found myself on a journey so unlike what I expected, and not necessarily bad, but just so different….
    Anyway, I love you with my gut, because it, not my butt, is the biggest part of me. 🙂 Your blog brings me sanity, because it either gives me the laughter I so desperately need or it reminds me that I’m not alone, which I also need. Sometimes both. Thank you.

  2. Diana here, sopping up a puddle of tears. Not exactly sure what to say now, but that’s just like me, soooooo. I actually began a comment on the destination post yesterday, but then got interrupted by the kiddos and didn’t get to finish. Sitting in the bathroom now while the tub fills up, so I’ll take this time to finish it. One reason I wanted to share on the destination post is because it really helps me to hear others stories and be reminded that even when I feel like I’m in this alone, I’m not. There’s just a comfort in knowing that you get it, and even though you aren’t sitting in my living room in this mess with me, you really are.

    As I read the destination post, I wept then too. Because right now we are a few months into a situation in which my husband took a job that requires him to be gone all week. So we now only see him for one full day on Saturday, and a little bit the day before and after. I thought I could handle this, that I would be ok with it. Turns out I’m not. One of the main reasons he took this job is because he experienced some major discrimination at his last job, but hung in there for years. At the new one, he is free from this. Wonderful yes! But I have found myself lately feeling resentful. I am mad that the world can be so stupid, and that no matter how often my husband adjusted his sails, he just couldn’t get anywhere there and he was suffering daily. Now he is in a better environment, but our family suffers from his absence. I have been a ball of anxiety lately, as I’m not even sure what the destination is anymore. This post brought comfort, as listening to each and every persons story on here does.

    Well, I’m at a loss for words now… just….thank you <3

    And seriously, LOL on the bad at punctuation!!!!!!! My husband actually teaches college Composition classes, and I am the worst, THE WORST at punctuation. Before we met in person we actually emailed eachother for a year. I was always mortified at my lack of knowledge in proper punctuation. But he married me anyway 😉

    • Sweet Diana,
      I know what it feels like to trade one negative for another for a job. We spent the better portion of the last few years trying to survive life. My husband didn’t experience discrimination, but he has had to put up with a lot of junk. When we were able to switch jobs it, too, cost us family time. At the time we had 4 kids under 5. I felt so alone! I will pray for you. You are not alone! Sometimes I don’t think that the destination really matters. There are some days that my destination s to finish the day. Just. Finish. Because then I get to start fresh the next day. Fresh starts with now 5 kids is so great. There are some days that I feel like a super woman and my destination is to finish the day… happy. Sometimes destination feelings are better than destination places. One thing that helped me with resenting my husband/job was to make a list of things I like about huaband/job and to read said list outloud. 🙂

      • I wish that there were some sort of notification when someone replies to a comment. Because THANK YOU <3 <3 <3 It looks like I never saw this reply, and here I am Jan. 2016 seeing it because I bookmarked this post as a way of getting quickly to the blog. I decided to read my own comment and saw this….. Just when I was supposed to!!!! This week we have moved states for the job that I mentioned above. I don't seem to be handling the move well, so I'm again up in the middle of the night, unable to sleep when I really need it most. And I read your comment which spoke directly to my heart. I needed to hear every word. It feels like your words are the beginning of rescuing me from a very dark place. I can not say thank you enough. I know you won't see this comment, or know it's here. But I'm leaving it anyway… To say thank you and send love <3 <3 <3

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