Quit Talking to Your Kids. STOP NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN.

“You can ask us anything,” we said.

“Nothing is off-limits,” we said.

“We will always be open with you,” we said, and, “It’s better to get accurate information from your parents than questionable information from your friends.”

This is the best policy. Talk to your kids! It’s what we do, and WE ARE THE BEST PARENTS EVER. ...  read more

The Non-Sponsored, Unaffiliated Lowdown on THINX

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re about to talk about periods and the women who have them, so I’m just saying now, no matter what your junk looks like, if that topic makes you want to harf, get out. GET OUT NOW.



Here we go.thinxad2

I bought THINX.

TWO PAIRS of THINX, y’all, even though they’re, like, $30/pair, and I’ve been using the heck out them. ...  read more