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8 Days of Giveaways! Day FOUR: Hooked by Hanna

Hello, friends and welcome to…

8 Days of Giveaways:
Day FOUR!hanna3

Hooked by Hanna

Hooked by Hanna is a cottage industry offering crochet creations of all kinds: unique hats, toys for babies and children, neckwear, etc. Items can be made to the customer’s preferences and specifications.

I Hanna1admit it; I’m hard wired to prefer buying gifts from artists and crafters and small business owners because, unselfishly, I want my money to benefit real people and not a group of already wealthy shareholders, and, selfishly, I really love giving one-of-a-kind gifts. Last Christmas, I pinged my friend Hanna, a crochet master and fellow bibliophile (pretty sure we could talk about books for hours), and ordered boot cuffs in cream and grey (for me) and in purple (for my high school daughter). Turns out, they were some of my favorite, favorite gifts last year. Pretty. Fun. Affordable. We still have them a year later, and they’ve held up perfectly — just like new, actually. My only complaint is Abby keeps stealing mine, the punk.

In extra cool news, Hanna is giving 25% of all ready for purchase sales in the month of December to efforts gathering supplies for refugee hygiene kits. Supplies will bHanna2e delivered to Syrian refugees through Medical Teams International. Gotta say, in a world that’s full of hurt where words of fear seem to fly unfettered, people like Hanna who find a way to send love and help and hope, using what she has — her hands and skeins of yarn — are light in the darkness, and I am endlessly grateful for people like her.

Today’s Giveaway is the incredibly gorgeous blue slouch hat pictured to your right.

TO ENTER, simply leave a comment on this blog post anytime until 11:59pm Pacific Time on Sunday, December 13. (Psst… don’t enter on Facebook— though I LOVE comments there and read every one, I’m using the blog comment string to randomly select a winner). Any comment will work to enter, but if you’d like a prompt, tell me about a favorite gift — given or received. It can be small or big, cost a great deal or nothing at all. For example, I’d tell you about the Wonder Woman panties Greg bought for my stocking this year which I haven’t mentioned to him yet because I want what he bought me to be a surprise. 🙂

This giveaway is now closed.
Congratulations, Heather! Look for a message from me with all the details!

P.S. You can find Hooked by Hanna on Facebook here. You can find all of Hanna’s ready-to-purchase items here.

P.P.S. There are boot cuffs in that ready-to-purchase album, and if anyone **ahem*Greg*ahem** wants to buy me blue or grey fingerless gloves, or one of the chiffon/crochet mixed fabric infinity scarves, I’d be OK with that.

P.P.P.S. Or commission Hanna to make me some silver Wonder Woman wrist cuffs. That could work out for you, Greg. Like, that could work out for you real well, man. Just saying.


Do Note: Multiple giveaways are going simultaneously — one every day for 8 days and each of them open for 48ish hours, so check back every day to see what new giveaways there are!

Also Note: This giveaway is open worldwide. None of this “America only” crap. We do not have time for America Only in this ComeUnity. Hanna is providing the blue slouch hat and U.S. shipping; I’ll supplement shipping if one of you wins from elsewhere.

Also-also Note: The artists selected for this giveaway were hand-picked by yours truly. They did not pay for these spots, nor do I benefit in any financial way by hosting these. Emotionally? I get a HUGE benefit. ‘Cause this stuff makes me happy. Each artist received a spot on the right sidebar (or, if you’re viewing on your mobile, at the bottom of the page) to advertise his/her stuff (hint: you can catch a preview there of what’s coming over the next few days), which is my gift to them to thank them for partnering with me. They’re rad.


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76 responses to “8 Days of Giveaways! Day FOUR: Hooked by Hanna”

  1. Last year (I think? It might have been two years ago) I gave my husband a djembe drum for Christmas, and within days he had joined a band and was playing gigs. This has been awesome because of the world it has opened up to us. We have made some wonderful friends in the other band members, and it has connected us to a great community. I had no idea when I gave him that how much I would get in return.

  2. As a kid I always was so excited to see what was in the top of my stocking because it usually was a soon to be prized for a lifetime stuffed animal and I was convinced that they were alive. We grew up on a sailboat so toys were few as space was small. My favorites were two stuffed dogs, Doogie and Doogan and a little bear named Pookie. But my favorite gifts were when my dad took me to a makeup counter for the first time and when my mom took me out for the day and happened to buy me my first ring. It was the time they spent with me talking to me.

  3. If I won the hat, I would give it to my younger daughter, whose favorite color has been blue all her life. Her birthday is tomorrow, and because my paycheck is next week, she has to wait until Friday for a birthday present. (She’ll turn 20, so she understands how things work.)

  4. Personally, I love the small shop idea also. Although I do extend that to buy from good friends who are involved in mid level marketing. My friend who sells books? Win! I get books for the kids, she gets to earn money and go on cruises and stuff. My friend who sells pampered chef? Win! She provides for her family, I stock my kitchen. 🙂

  5. Just curious, why 8 days of give-a-ways? I love the hand made, supporting local artist and friends feeling!

  6. A friend gave me a chai tea latte mix, and it was so thoughtful! It was like giving the gift of a week of peace and calm.

  7. As one who loves to crochet and knit, but with 6 kids can never find the time, these are amazing! And I love the color too!

  8. Oh, that colour! And it has a perfect degree of slouchiness …
    My favourite presents are the ones where I feel that the person really thought about me as a person and tried to give something meaning-/useful for ME, and the ones where you realize that they took note of a small remark you made in a conversation. If I am the gift-giver I try to do the same, and of course the best is when the person you gift it to is genuinely happy about it. I think one that stands out in my memory is when I gifted my sister a picture someone took of us both on the night of my graduation. We both look really happy and smiley in that picture. Since I was young and did not have a lot of money, I just cut out a frame of black corrugated paper, fastened it with brass fasteners, and decorated it with faux ivy (sounds kind of trashy, but actually looked really nice). I would not have thought that she would be so happy about it, but she was and has kept it for the last almost 20 years.

  9. I’ve been searching near and far for a winter hat that doesn’t make me look stupid. I think this one could be the answer to my dreams.

  10. Beth I love this hat! And I love that you’ve made it not America only – not that I ever win anything anyway but I can properly dream about it now, even in the UK!

  11. One time I got a turtleneck wool sweater with short sleeves for Christmas. In rainbow no less. My mother in law (at the time) said it screamed my name. Because nothing says “mentally unbalanced and emotionally insecure” like a rainbow short sleeved wool turtleneck. This year I got a “Suzy Cuzy” beer mitten. Because now I surround myself with people who love me. I win. Merry Christmas.

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