8 Days of Giveaways! Day SIX: Nathan Rhoads

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8 Days of Giveaways:
Day SIX!


Nathan Rhoads, Fine Artist

NathanRhoads2I’ve known Nathan since he was in diapers, which I’m positive is the way he was hoping I’d open this giveaway.

Nathan was one of those kids who was sweet and calm and kind; he reacted to my endearing high volume and my brother’s tendency to headbutt sweet, calm, kind children with bewilderment and confusion. But he was tenacious, man, and he stuck with us anyway, which proves there’s really nothing Nathan can’t overcome. Eventually, Nathan added a wicked funny sense of humor to his repertoire and a healthy dollop of sarcasm. Also, he and his wife named their two sons after whiskey, so I feel like we have something to work with, here.

I love Nathan’s art because it’s fantasy and imagination come to life, and I always feel like I’ve fallen into a C.S. Lewis novel or Tolkein’s world or Lewis Carroll’s when I look at his mind and heart in oil on canvas. Nathan’s art reminds me of all that’s wild and whimsical and also that love and joy walk hand in hand with ferocity and freedom.

The Giveaway: 8.5 x 11 in. Fine Art Print, signed by Nathan Rhoads. Description of Painting Included. AND Nathan is generously allowing me to select TWO winners for this giveaway! Winners may select from the following:


TO ENTER, simply leave a comment on this blog post anytime until 11:59pm Pacific Time on Tuesday, December 15. (Psst… don’t enter on Facebook— though I LOVE comments there and read every one, I’m using the blog comment string to randomly select a winner). Any comment will work to enter, but if you’d like a prompt, tell us which of the prints you like best.

This giveaway is now closed.

Congratulations to Jennifer Bailey and Missalindadivine! Check your email boxes for details.

Nathan Rhoads is an versatile artist working in Portland, Oregon. He earned his BFA in 1998 from Point Loma Nazarene University. His primary medium of choice is oil. Nathan’s work ranges from abstract to representational. He takes on a lot of commissioned projects, ranging from painting to illustration to graphic design.

Nathan paints live at conferences, church services, private parties, and corporate events around the country. Nathan is also a painting instructor for both kids and adults.

You can find Nathan Rhoads at his website here, on Facebook here and on Instagram here.


Do Note: Multiple giveaways are going simultaneously — one every day for 8 days and each of them open for 48ish hours, so check back every day to see what new giveaways there are!

Also Note: This giveaway is open worldwide. None of this “America only” crap. We do not have time for America Only in this ComeUnity. Nathan Rhoads is providing two art prints and U.S. shipping; I’ll supplement shipping if one of you wins from elsewhere.

Also-also Note: The artists selected for this giveaway were hand-picked by yours truly. They did not pay for these spots, nor do I benefit in any financial way by hosting these. Emotionally? I get a HUGE benefit. ‘Cause this stuff makes me happy. Each artist received a spot on the right sidebar (or, if you’re viewing on your mobile, at the bottom of the page) to advertise his/her stuff (hint: you can catch a preview there of what’s coming over the next few days), which is my gift to them to thank them for partnering with me. They’re rad.

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77 responses to “8 Days of Giveaways! Day SIX: Nathan Rhoads”

  1. Oh my heck, my 10 year old would FLIP over that shark print! He has Aspergers and has been obsessed with sharks for as long as I can remember!

  2. Nathan and I don’t go back that far, but we’ve spent some quality time together at Lake Limmerick. I’d LOVE to win one of his pieces. It would be hard to choose. I love the peacock, the owl, and the rooster! Nice stuff, Nathan!

  3. I think my favourite would be the tiger, although the peacock intrigues me – although if there was an elephant I would be all over that

  4. The shark as well as the tiger are the ones that jump out at me. So intricate.
    Beautiful works all of them.

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