8 Days of Giveaways! Day THREE: The Sweat Life Shop

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8 Days of Giveaways:



TheSweatLife3Today I get to tell you about Rachel, the artist behind The Sweat Life Shop.

<– That’s Rachel balancing her husband on her legs. Rachel’s a weird weirdo who’s weird. Which is synonymous for I like her so much.

I met Rachel when she lived in my neck of the woods, and then she moved away. You know how you can’t go backward in time and meet yourself there lest the space-time continuum is irrevocably disrupted? I’m pretty sure that’s why Rachel had to move to California — because as far as I can tell with the pathetically limited time I had with her, Rachel and I are made from the same cloth. The goofy cloth. The determined cloth. The joyful, optimistic cloth. The creative cloth. And I’m just pretty sure if we’d remained in close proximity to each other, we’d have caused some sort of black hole or vortex to open which would’ve sucked the Earth and all her people inside it to be crushed to death.

In other words, Rachel saved your lives by moving to sunny SoCal, and we all owe her an eternal debt. Nevertheless, I kind of wish she’d stuck around and risked our doom; too many cool people in this world and not enough time, I tell you.

With today’s giveaway, you can get your rainy, blue and green Pac Northwest on, though, because Rachel’s TheSweatLife2giving away a pair of adult Seahawks leggings in any size, valued at $40.

I asked Rachel to tell us about herself and why she does what she does.

I stood there in front of the mirror with my mom peeking through the crack in the door. “Well Rachie,” she said, “Does it make your heart sing?”

The answer to that question has become my motto when deciding whether or not I’m going to invite a new item into my life. When it comes to new trinkets, clothes, a new hobby, art, food, and sometimes even people, I stop to ask myself, “Does this make your heart sing?”

Sports have made my soul sing since I was a tiny tot. I ran before I walked, dribbled basketballs, jumped as far as I could, and went on to play volleyball in college. Since then, I’ve had 3 knee surgeries, run a half marathon, dove hard into CrossFit, all the while enduring many periods of either low motivation or necessary time off from sweating. Life happens. But something that has always remained consistent for me is the inspiration I get from watching people give something their best shot. I cannot hold myself together at the finish lines of races. Nope…tears run down my face. Watching the last person get cheered on during a WOD gives me goose bumps. Laying sweaty on the floor after a walk that I didn’t want to wake up to do reminds me that I actually did do it and can do it again tomorrow.

The Sweat Life Shop is all about making your heart sing. I want the words I use and the design elements I include to say something to you. Sometimes that means that we have the same sense of humor…sometimes we are both inspired by the same words…or sometimes a design might simply express something that you need yourself and the world to know.

The Giveaway: One pair of adult Seahawks leggings in any size, valued at $40.

TO ENTER the Sweat Life Shop giveaway, simply leave a comment on this blog post anytime until 11:59pm Pacific Time on Saturday, December 12. (Psst… don’t enter on Facebook— though I LOVE comments there and read every one, I’m using the blog comment string to randomly select a winner). Any comment will work to enter, but if you’d like a prompt, you can thank Rachel for saving your life or tell us who you suspect you can’t live close to without disrupting the space-time continuum.

This giveaway is now closed.
Congratulations, Shanta! Look for an email with all the details!

P.S. You can follow The Sweat Life Shop on Instagram here and on Facebook here.


Do Note: Multiple giveaways are going simultaneously — one every day for 8 days and each of them open for 48ish hours, so check back every day to see what new giveaways there are!

Also Note: This giveaway is open worldwide. None of this “America only” crap. We do not have time for America Only in this ComeUnity. Rachel is providing Seahawks leggings and U.S. shipping; I’ll supplement shipping if one of you wins from elsewhere.

Also-also Note: The artists selected for this giveaway were hand-picked by yours truly. They did not pay for these spots, nor do I benefit in any financial way by hosting these. Emotionally? I get a HUGE benefit. ‘Cause this stuff makes me happy. Each artist received a spot on the right sidebar (or, if you’re viewing on your mobile, at the bottom of the page) to advertise his/her stuff (hint: you can catch a preview there of what’s coming over the next few days), which is my gift to them to thank them for partnering with me. They’re rad.

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  1. My friend Ruthann and I must be in danger of rupturing the space-time continuum, too…. We don’t live near each other (only did for 18 mos total), but we have even named our kids the same names, without planning: they had family names picked out, we picked out arbitrary names, and lo and behold! they’re the same names, and not especially common ones (particularly our girls). We don’t plan more kids, but her soon-to-be new baby? Last time we talked, his/her possible names were the ones on our if-we-ever list. We really have no idea how this happens. 🙂

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