This Is Not A Real Post

Guys. Guys. Guys. Guys. Guys.

I am so tired.

The End

P.S. Sorry for calling you all “guys.” I mean guys and ladies. But I’m using the patriarchal “guys” as a stand-in for both genders. It’s poor form, I know. I’m just too tired to change it, man.

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17 responses to “This Is Not A Real Post”

  1. I found this on the Project Happiness page on Facebook recently. I wish that I had heard this years ago. I’m processing it myself right now, finding it SUPER helpful. It sounds like you need a dose of it too, Beth:

    “When you say YES to others, make sure you’re not saying NO to yourself. ~Paulo Coehlo

    ‪#‎ThoughtfulThursday‬ Challenge:
    Only by taking care of your own energy reserves will you be able to give the best to others. Learn to protect your energy, get comfortable with the word “No.” Often it feels like saying “No” to the things we don’t want to do (or don’t have time for) is a personal affront to another person. But the reality is we can’t give with reckless abandon and expect to have an endless supply of self-refueling energy.

    The next time someone asks you to do something, ask yourself, who am I REALLY letting down? If saying “yes” sacrifices your own self-care, then “yes” is an affront to yourself and not in fact helpful to anyone. This exercise will free up some time and energy for you, without the layer of guilt that you’re not giving enough. ‪#‎projecthappiness‬

  2. Treat yourself to some rest, my friend. You deserve it! You are so much to so many people. Please remember to take care of yourself. Sending love.

  3. Why do you think that this post is less real than any other? As if cries for help are not part of reality – of every day of our lives. You even used correct English and capital letters and commas and full stops and all.
    I always loved being with “the guys”. They were much cooler, easier, “realer” than “the girls”, who’d be giggling and chirping away about their hair and clothes and other stuff I didn’t know much about or when not giggling, they’d be gossipping – so tiresome! so boring! so not getting you anywhere better!
    Am glad I’ve got good friends, like you and your readers and closer-by friends that I can touch too, but the guys are still ok as well.
    Waving, non-stop, from clear waters, where I can see the mud and the dark waters too close by, but staying out of it, with the help of your posts, real and unreal, funny and raw.

  4. Much love Beth. You take care of you and keep on keeping on. We’ll be here when you’re ready. Darkness, light, and everything in between, that’s what friends are there for- to walk you through all of it. <3

  5. Tired, tired, tired … Bone deep and soul weary. HUGS. Taking time off Facebook but wanted to check in on you.

    PS Raising larger humans is more exhausting psychologically than physically…same dark shadows as when raising tiny humans. Sorry. :/

  6. Can you go to bed with a hot tea and a good book – even if it’s just for half an hour. That’s what I did this morning and it really helped. Give yourself a little break from your current real life. As my counsellor said this week, The way you are feeling is just temporary.

  7. I’m with you. This past year has been the doozy of all doozys. My hubby on the way home from “rescuing” our man-child from college for the second time. He looks awful. Needs time at home to heal and regroup and reprioritize. Telling him he doesn’t need to try and be the “old him” anymore. He has been through a war. He is being shaped into a newer version: a more empathetic and experienced and mature version. With scars.

    • Oh my! We are going through basically the same thing with our oldest man-child and I am exhausted – there is nothing left to give! I feel terrible about it but…..I. Just. Can’t. Not right now at any rate.
      We “rescued” him last spring and he took the fall to rest/heal/regroup then re-enrolled and headed back to campus for Spring 2016. He seems to be much better when talking on phone/texting/emailing but going to see “in person” this weekend. I’m terrified of what we might actually find! Praying his war (or at least this battle) is over and that he is indeed “shaped into a newer version: a more empathetic and experienced and mature version. With scars.” Thank you for that!

  8. I feel this! Bad pain day, bad neuro symptoms, managed to force myself through doing two loads of laundry and the damn dogs tore it down off the line and ate half of it. Just sat down and cried. I’m so tired. <3 Beth

  9. I hear you. Yesterday my husband asked me if I had something on my face and when he came closer to wipe it off it turns out it was was just the dark shadows under my eyes lol. Raising tiny humans is exhausting.

  10. I feel you sister! I am on my third round of “a small increase” of both thyroid meds and anti depressants. I keep telling her that if it comes in jumbo just give to me and we can step it back down instead of up. I am measuring my productivity (awake time) in minutes some days. So bone weary tired and achy all over. I really need just one sunny pain free day with a full amount of awake time and no major crisis. Just one day to be content and not less than that. A wave in the dark fro the mud because I cannot make one more step. Not today. Tomorrow doesn’t look good either.

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