P.S. Texting Works, Too

This is continued from yesterday’s post.

Just wanted those of you who are phone-shy to know texting works, too.

(662) 4MY-MESS

Leave your mess at the tone. Or text me your mess.

Or both.

Love you, friends.





P.S. I’m wearing pants today and I have mascara on TWO of my eyes.

P.P.S. #Winning

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4 responses to “P.S. Texting Works, Too”

  1. I feel for you and the never-ending messes, which wouldn’t feel such big messes if you were in a better place with your mental health. Can someone (or a group of someones) come and mother you for a bit, clean up the house messes, feed you good food and help you out of the pit? If I start to write down my messes, I won’t stop crying this morning. What can you do when you feel that you are living the wrong life and there is no way out without destroying the people around you? Please ask people for the practical support which will make a difference to the level of overwhelm you are facing.

  2. I was at work, heading in to an IEP meeting and had to suddenly ask the person next to me in the hall if I had put mascara on BOTH eyes. I would love to be your kid’s case manager…you would not be offended!

  3. I texted a mess! And makeup on two eyes is totally winning. I’ve only done that three times in the last thirty-one years….

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