Mother/Daughter Look-a-Likes: Can’t Tell Them Apart!

Everywhere my daughter and I go, people can’t tell us apart. That’s why we have a history of taking twinsy pics; to blow people’s minds that we’re actually mother/daughter.

We took some yesterday, in fact, just for you. See if you can figure out who’s who!

Good luck, friends.




You’re never going to believe this, but we’re 25 years apart in age. FOR REALS.

I know, right??

Minds. Blown.

You’re welcome, The Internets! It’s like the blue dress all over again.

With love,





P.S. If you’re not done being shocked and amazed, here are some of our other Twinsie Pics…





P.P.S. In unrelated news, MY KID IS THE BEST SPORT EVER. The End.

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19 responses to “Mother/Daughter Look-a-Likes: Can’t Tell Them Apart!”

  1. I love how in the one pic you are not only standing with your leg in the air, but you are also obviously keeping your daughter from falling over. That’s mom love.

  2. It’s so nice to see a mum who is willing to take the time to teach her daughter gymnastics. I am sure she will catch up with you someday – practise practise practise;)

  3. These pictures are fan-freakin’-tastic! LOVE them! I, too, have a daughter who looks JUST like me! 😉 I will have to do a twins photo shoot with her! 😀

  4. You’re the one in the bikini aren’t you?. You’ve inspired me to take twinsie pictures with my daughter who just turned 16, she’ll thank you someday☺

  5. Oh,Beth, you made my day. Not sure if you remember me. I was on staff at TRFC the first summer you were a summer counselor. My girls are Jessica and Jamiliah. Their dad is Tom, he was head cook. I love reading your blog. Again, thanks for being real. Patti

    • You make me laugh…thanks a lot for that. I really needed your goofy and adorable pictures today…

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