Happy Halloween! This post is about Christmas.

Happy Halloween Eve, friends. This post is about Christmas. Obviously. Because who doesn’t write about Christmas for Halloween?

If you’re thinking, “OH, MY GOSH; I HATE IT WHEN STORES PUT UP ALL THEIR CHRISTMAS CRAP BEFORE HALLOWEEN. NOW BETH IS DOING IT. WHY? Dear God in Heaven, WHY??,” I will tell you. It’s because I can only do one holiday, man. ONE. One is the number of holidays I can do. Not one per month, either. Those of you who can do that are totally down with 4 back-to-back holidays in 2 months, BUT I CANNOT. I can do one per year. One only. And I am very, very, very, extra reminded of that fact right now.

My main problem is this: Halloween comes, then Thanksgiving 23 days later, then Christmas, then New Year’s .

THAT IS NOT ENOUGH TIME to plan costumes, buy costumes, inventory costume pieces, manage costumes, buy costume makeup, decorate for Halloween, throw a Halloween party, make gooey, gross Halloween treats, clean up from Halloween, put all the Halloween gear away, plan Thanksgiving, decorate for Thanksgiving, bake and cook for Thanksgiving, put all the Thanksgiving gear away, buy the Christmas tree, get out all the Christmas gear, decorate for Christmas, put up the Christmas lights, plan the gifts for we 7 Woolseys plus extended family, get my butt out the door to actually purchase those gifts, hide the gifts, wrap the gifts, plan the stockings, buy stuff for the stockings, realize one kid has fewer stocking pieces than all the rest, realize we’re out of milk, realize no one bought the oranges for the stockings, make 12 emergency trips to the store, plan the food for Christmas Eve, Christmas breakfast, and Christmas dinner, make Christmas cookies, make fudge, decorate the gingerbread house, and properly herald the New Year.

It’s too much, I tell you. TOO MUCH. And you guys, we are the family that ONLY BUYS 2 PRESENTS FOR OUR KIDS. You’ve heard that idea on how to minimize Christmas gifts for kids who already have too much, right? “Something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read”? I know loads of people who see that and are all, “THANK GOD FOR A SYSTEM WHERE WE CAN FINALLY PARE DOWN.” But I must be the Weirdest Weirdo EVER, because I see it and go, ARE YOU KIDDING? You know how much FOUR THINGS for each kid costs when you have five kids? I have to buy 20 PRESENTS for Christmas, just for my kids, not counting anything for the nieces and nephews? I mean, that four-thing idea is great for those of you who do it — I don’t begrudge you that in any way — but my kids get 1) something they want, usually negotiated to be smaller and/or cheaper than whatever unreasonable thing they really, really want, and 2) something else I think they might like that was cheap enough for my budget.

In other words, I CANNOT DO ALL THE THINGS, and so I’ve decided I won’t.

Instead, we Woolseys start Christmas today, and we will celebrate four phases of Christmas over the next two months. This is much, much (much, much) easier than trying to cram four separate holidays into a 62-day window.

The Four Phases of Christmas are really rather like the four phases of the moon: new moon, then first quarter moon, then full moon, and, finally, third quarter moon. Except in the Christmas scenario, we have Halloween Christmas (New Christmas), then Thanksgiving Christmas (First Quarter Christmas), then Christmas Christmas (Full Christmas), then New Year’s Christmas (Third Quarter Christmas) which is whatever dregs of Christmas we’ve got left over by then. Got it? Just like the four phases of the moon are all made up of moon, so the four phases of Christmas are all made up of Christmas.

Thus, although some will call today and tomorrow Halloween season, we Woolseys are going to celebrate Halloween Christmas. We’re carving pumpkins while listening to Christmas music, and Greg put up our Halloween Christmas lights, which is what you call Christmas lights that are up for Halloween. Halloween Christmas decorations = DONE. That’s right. You know what I’ve planned for my kids’ costumes? Nothing. I’ve planned zero things. I told the kids to find their own costumes this year because Halloween Christmas means I don’t have to do all the usual Halloween things. That’s the WHOLE POINT. So far, two are using rags to transform themselves into zombies and one is wearing his dad’s white bathrobe so he can go as White Jesus.

He figures this way he can make subtle social commentary on racism in the United States, and, most importantly, he can trick-or-treat everyplace twice — once as Jesus, and then again as the Second Coming of Christ. I wondered for a minute whether this is really appropriate, but then I realized a) it’s not, b) I don’t care, c) it’s hilarious, and d) it’s Halloween Christmas, so way to get into the spirit of the holiday, kid.

For Thanksgiving Christmas, we’re going to have a Thanksgiving Christmas tree. It’s like a regular Christmas tree, except it’s already up at Thanksgiving. And probably Thanksgiving Christmas stockings. And definitely turkey Thanksgiving Christmas dinner with cranberry sauce and stuffing. And twinkly lights in fake fir branches because I will have had TIME to pull those out of their boxes.

Honestly, for the first time in forever, I’m not feeling overwhelmed by the holiday season. We’re going to take it slow. We’re going to let go of the tiny things that don’t matter. And we’re going to rock the heck out of the Four Phases of Christmas.

In conclusion, wishing you a very happy Halloween Christmas, friends, from my family to yours,


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18 responses to “Happy Halloween! This post is about Christmas.”

  1. You are my hero. Seriously. I just found you and I already have a serious mama crush. Not in a creepy way. Just in an “I think I’ve found my tribe” way. I will never miss another post.

  2. In our family we have two seasons: Christmas runs from the closing game of the World Series through the Super Bowl. The rest of the year is Baseball Season. This system was devised by my brother, formerly a professional baseball broadcaster, but it seems to work well for all of us because it means we can start listening to Christmas music as soon as Halloween is over and I can leave my tree up well into January.

  3. Ok, you must please ask Greg to double check for me and explain to anyone who is interested in listening, but OCT31 = DEC25. (I just got Matthew to check, and he says I’m right).

  4. Hopefully you did as I did and got a head start on the decorating by not putting all the things away after Christmas last year. That manger scene that’s been on the book shelf all year isn’t just a Christmas decoration. Jesus is here for me every day of the year, not just in the month of December.

  5. If white Jesus showed up at my door I would silently and guiltily think to myself that he was being irreverent. And then I would silently and guiltily think to myself that it was hilarious. And when he came the 2nd time for his Second Coming I would laugh out loud and give him all the candy.

  6. White Jesus… Second coming…

    I wasn’t going to read because I’m so over Christmas and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet… And I have only 3 kids but I also have a broken van and a broken coal stove and a very-broken budget and a hubs who LOVES Christmas and can’t seem to accept the very-broken budget as a reason NOT to buy ALL THE LIGHTS and ALL THE THINGS. *sigh* (And I indulge him as much as is possible because he has not had all the anything in far too many years.)

    But that laugh made it worthwhile. Thank you. <3

  7. First, I like how you think. I want to do only one holiday too! Second, I love your kid’s sense of humor. My kid (born on Halloween) requested a new suit to wear to school and trick-or-treating so he could tell everyone he was in his birthday suit.

  8. Giggle…snort….gulp! My son has the same hair style but he is blonde so we call him “Aryan Jesus” (and not just at Halloween) which is politically incorrect but totally hilarious!

  9. You are WINNING! Mind blown, I must put this plan into place immediately. This might be doable. MIGHT.
    Also, the kid wins Halloween Christmas. Second coming – HA!
    Keep on rocking girl. You give me hope. ♥

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