Your Advice Needed: Prank Emergency

EMERGENCY, friends. We have an emergency, and your advice is needed.

You may have heard that Easter is on April Fool’s Day this year. THIS GIVES US BARELY OVER 3 WEEKS to create a Master Prank Plan to Fool the Children. This is TIME SENSITIVE, folks. We have Things to Do, Plots to Scheme, and not a whole lot of time in which to accomplish it. I feel like it would be ungrateful to the cosmos that went to so much trouble to align these two events to waste this opportunity. I also feel like Jesus would want us to celebrate his resurrection by tricking small humans. I mean, WWJD, right? J is cheering us on here. I’m sure of it.

Here’s the thing, though; we need to make this April Fool’s Easter-specific. THEMED pranks, if you will. The plastic wrap on the toilet seat and the rubber band on the kitchen sprayer are good tricks for a Regular April Fool’s Day; I just feel like they’re insufficient for EASTER April Fool’s, you know? Like we’re required to step up our game here and make this super Easter-y.

Our family usually does Extreme Egg Hunts, Hunger Games Style, so our kids are primed for egg hunting as a full contact sport. We make all the kids stuff the eggs (because that’s a lot of work, man, and we had children for the free labor), and then the adults head outside to hide them in trees, on roofs, duct taped to top of the swing set; basically anywhere our children must risk life and limb to retrieve them. Obviously, this can take us a significant amount of time involving, as it does, ladders, rope, tape, and the occasional garden hose. 

I feel like the Easter Egg Hunt is a prime opportunity to commit acts of foolery this year. Like, the kids can stuff all the eggs per usual, and then we can swap those eggs with pebble-stuffed eggs for the actual hiding. OR we can simply take all the eggs under the premise of “hiding” and make a run for it. The kids won’t notice we’re gone for at least 20 minutes. We can head to a neighbor’s house, hide the eggs there instead and have a glass of wine while the kids try to find us. That feels like a win/win, you know?

BUT THAT’S ALL I’VE GOT so far. Two egg-related ideas. Which is why I NEED YOUR HELP, friends. I need a more comprehensive plan. I need better tricks. I need more tom-foolery. I need bigger ways to celebrate the Risen Savior by pulling one over on my kids.

EMERGENCY. TIME SENSITIVE. Help a mama out?? What ideas do you have?

With great anticipation,




P.S. I do have some teeny, tiny rules for pranks. I don’t like pranks that make people feel stupid or that make them feel sad. Except for the time I made Greg feel sad by faking the purchase of a miniature horse and having it delivered to our house. In my defense, he had it coming by telling me I couldn’t have one. I really had no choice. Pranks that force children to run all over the neighborhood to find the egg hunt I stole? Approved. Pranks that make them think it’s canceled altogether? I can’t do it. I’m too much of a softy. But other than sadness or making people feel dumb, I’m all ears. Minor physical jeopardy is fine. Emotional jeopardy, not so much. I can’t wait to hear your ideas. 

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12 responses to “Your Advice Needed: Prank Emergency”

  1. well, I’m just going to throw out the obvious…. you absolutely MUST dye some raw eggs. Without question! (just don’t hide them in the house and forget about them)

    LOVE the suggestion to hand them a fake out Easter basket. Clever Mombies

  2. Wrap grapes in chocolate egg foils! I love this idea because (a) you get to eat ALL the chocolate as part of the prep (tough job but someone’s got to do it!) and (b) it’s a healthy prank (for everyone but the chocolate eater)

  3. What about all the various food pranks for Easter Dinner? Whipped Cream for mashed potatoes, meatloaf cupcakes, etc.

  4. My brother is a total goober, and our Easter tradition is he and I hide the eggs, and stuff the eggs, and we always find random things to stuff a few with such as: eye drops, grapes, pantyhose, ketchup packets, sugar packets, and of course, 90% are filled with good candy. We, too, put them all over the house – on top of ceiling fans, inside drawers, etc. so seriously no place is off limits. Makes for interesting post lunch activity.
    May the odds be ever in your favor!

  5. Hide something totally random other than eggs. Miniature plastic monkeys anyone? (not that I’ve done that…..but amazon carries them. just saying). Find enough and you earn your Easter basket. And when they come running up to you all excited they found enough…hand them something totally random. Act like it’s their Easter present. (old shoe works great). Before real tears start, hand over the goods.

  6. Take raw or hard boiled eggs and wrap them in pretty colored foils like you would find on chocolate eggs…and then hide those all over the yard instead. Do hard boiled ones for in the house just in case it gets messy…

  7. Tape up the eggs and fill a few with yucky stuff like a cracked open raw egg or kimchee. Glitter is always evil. There is some potential for water balloons to look like eggs. You can get some pretty terrible flavors of candy. Fill the eggs with only healthy stuff like Brussel sprouts. We fill our eggs with coins so a bit of super glue could make that more fun. On the more elaborate end we once stuffed the egg with puzzle pieces and they had to work together to assemble it to find their Easter baskets. If you lose the critical piece so they work hard for nothing. Molding things inside jello is always fun.

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