The Kittens Have Landed. (Sorry, Baby Skunks.)



Despite a WHOLE ENTIRE DINNER last week during which my beloved partner, my mother, my father, my brother, my sister-in-law, and my eldest daughter all tried to convince me foster kittens are the Worst Idea in the Known Universe, the kittens are here. Because NEVERTHELESS, I PERSISTED, friends.

Honestly, I saw through my family’s wily scheming. They know nothing motivates me more than being told no or that my ideas are terrible; these are humans who’ve been in deep relationship with me for decades, after all. So I knew as soon as they presented a United Front of Objection, it was the same as receiving their blessing to go forth and procure baby cats. It was incitement to rescue kittens. The very best kind of personalized encouragement.

Therefore, it is my pleasure to introduce you to our two temporary babies.

George (formally Gorgeous George), a 3-month-old grey and white Purr Machine, and…

Lily (formally Peanut), a 3-month-old tortoiseshell Scaredy Cat.

Our job? To help these two understand they’re safe after a rough start in life and to get them ready for adoption and family. So far, our focus is on changing Miss Lily’s skill set from Run Away in Abject Terror to eventually Ignore Humans in a Dignified Feline Manner. Girl’s got zero chill right now — just none — so I’m trying to gently break the news that she’s going to undermine the aloof reputation of cats everywhere if she’s not careful. She keeps coming out from her hidey hole to listen to my extensive lecture series, though, so I feel like we’re making progress.

Tonight’s speech was You Can Be Scared and Brave at the Same Time; in fact, there is no brave without scared, girlfriend. She came over to sit near me after that, so I think she got it.

I told her she might feel small and vulnerable, but secretly she’s a Fierce Warrior Princess.

I told her the Wild in her is a feature, not a bug.

I told her she’s Already Worthy of Infinite Love, exactly as she is right now, no fixing required to be wholly valued.

She didn’t buy it at first because of all the Hiding and Shaking and Occasional Lashing Out she’s doing right now, but I reminded her hidey holes and fear and anger are OK — smart, even, especially once we understand what we’re facing in this world — and that Venturing Forth isn’t something we must do relentlessly. Venturing Forth isn’t something we must do all the time. Venturing Forth isn’t for every single moment. 

Venture Forth sometimes, Lily. And Boldly Go as soon as it’s time. You’ll get there, sweet, scared girl. You will. And you’ll find you’re braver than you ever imagined.

In the meantime, we’ll be here, helping you remember. 

Your Foster Mama,



P.S. Sorry about this development, Baby Skunks. You might have to wait a while.

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9 responses to “The Kittens Have Landed. (Sorry, Baby Skunks.)”

  1. Cats are wonderful! I have a cat that had to learn to live with humans. It took a while, but she tolerates us an invasive species and even lets us pet her sometimes as her loyal subjects. I’m sure Lily will get there.

  2. We’ve fostered before (successfully) and we’ve fostered and failed (she’s adorable). What you are doing and what you have said fits for anyone with trauma – Little Lily is so lucky.

  3. Thank you for the pep talk! Oh, yes, that was for the cats 😉 I hope your daughter loves the kittens although it might be hard to part from them. Maybe you can be their very long-term foster family… (Maybe that was your Secret Plan!)

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