Twinsie Pics: I Duplicated My Daughter’s Instagram Feed, Part 3

Hey! Remember when I posted last in our questionable series wherein I duplicate my college daughter’s bikini-laden Instagram feed? Me, too. It was last May, and I promised more soon, bless my heart and good intentions. Now it’s February, which is to say, I’m not a full year behind yet. And, since I’m usually WAY more behind than that, I am officially AHEAD when compared to myself. So GOOD JOB, Me! #NoShame

Without further ado, I duplicated my daughter’s Instagram wearing, as always, her actual outfits because we’re totally the same size. Now it’s up to you to guess who’s who. 

Good luck.

Wishing you all the best.

(But because I’m not cruel, I’ll include a hint after each pic so you’re not left guessing and you can check your work.)

Here we go!

{HINT: She’s the one with the tattoo that says “wanderlust.” Mine is a fake, and it just says “lust.”}

{HINT: If you look closely, you can see a few people in the background of one of the photos. That one’s mine.}

{HINT: The unicorn’s struggling a TINY bit more in the pic that’s with me. Also, I couldn’t put my hand on the handle on the unicorn’s neck because every time I tried, I leaned on the neck and the unicorn took a nose-dive for the ocean floor. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯}

{HINT: If you look really carefully, you’ll notice one of us has a tiny bit of purple-red hair falling out of her messy bun. That one’s me.}

Sending love, friends, and hoping we can all learn to love ourselves a little better, too.





P.S. Here are a couple outtakes from our shoot. The first where I’m Quite Certain there’s no way on Planet Earth I’m going to be able to pull Abby’s minuscule band top around my own top…

…and the second where I SUCCEED. 


P.P.S. Of all the photos in our twinsie pics series, this one’s my actual favorite of yours truly. I’d say it’s my favorite “even though” my butt crack is peeking over Abby’s TEEEEENY tiny swimsuit bottoms, and “even though” they’re so tight my belly makes a fold-over flap, but I feel like those are features of this photo, not bugs. 

Truth is, I’m happy in this pic, and it shows. Standing in the water of the Pacific Ocean, holding a 1/2 deflated unicorn, shunning body shame on purpose, and playing with my kid in the sunshine? There’s no place I’d rather be.

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P.P.P.P.S. Photo credit to my fab friend and partner in crime, Marguerite Rose Peterson. ILY, Maggie!

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17 responses to “Twinsie Pics: I Duplicated My Daughter’s Instagram Feed, Part 3”

  1. You are awesome, and your daughter is awesome. Thanks for the comments after the pictures-there were a few that were hard to figure out… I’m pretty sure if we met in real life, we’d be BFFs. I LOVE the last pic, and I would totally hang it on the wall in my house-16×20 canvas, maybe? Your smile says it all! It’s all about perspective, isn’t it?!?!

  2. So much fun! I too love your smile in the last photo. Hold onto this moment when you need to remember it in the darkness.

    Also, waving in belly flap solidarity. Hooray for tiny-human incubators.

  3. Your smile in that final photo could power a small town. (Newberg, for example?) I love this series SO MUCH and still maintain there should be a coffee table book.

  4. I absolutely love these pics! You have given me ideas… I have 4 daughters, of varying sizes… I’m sure they would LOVE to do this with me!!!

  5. My girl is 14 and now I have #Goals to do twinsie pics too! You are inspiring!! And you look VERY happy, yay you!! ♥

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