Kitten Watch Update: May 22 in which Quark is Pentacostal

I am behind on all the kitten watch updates here on the blog because so much has happened SO rapidly. But I’m going to try to get all the stuff from the socials uploaded here today, in bite-sized, one-day-at-a-time pieces.

We last saw our sweet babies on May 21st. Here’s what happened next:

Friday, May 21:


Good night, friends! All of Leap’s kittens are still inside. See? She’s showing you. 😘

See you in the morning.

Saturday, May 22:

Good morning! All is well on the western front. No new news. Just working on resting and growing. (And one human is working on patience. COME ON, LEAP. YOU ARE KILLING ME. 👀)

Quark is Pentecostal. Or a sorcerer summoning the elements to battle the enemies of his people.

In case you haven’t had a phantom milk let-down for a while, here you go. ( . Y . )

Quantum and Leap are in a rhythm. Feed the babies, love the babies, lick the babies, then leave the sleeping babies and snuggle. I feel like these sisters have figured out All of Life. ❤️

The “twins,” Radia and Qubit. Or Marie and Helen. Or Q2 and Q5. Whatever names you use, these baby girls are Quantum look-alikes. I’ve been trying to capture pics of them together so you can see how similar they are, and I finally managed a few! These babies are straight sugar.

Good night, friends! We’re headed to bed soon ‘cause we are TIRED. Well, Quantum and I are. Leap isn’t yet done with her rounds. She’s still busy checking vital signs and charting. Auntie’s gotta aunt. More tomorrow. Over and out. 😘

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One response to “Kitten Watch Update: May 22 in which Quark is Pentacostal”

  1. I have a feeling The Sisters are meant to be with you. They are such beauties and so lovely. Happy, squeaky, beautiful fuzzy kitten butts. The world is good.

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