Kitten Watch Update: May 23 in which Leap’s Kittens Finally Join the World!

Sunday, May 23:

No Leap kittens yet. I’m pretty sure Leap’s feelings match all of ours about The Long Wait. IT’S TIME TO COME OUT, BABIES.

I do not know how it’s possible that Quency’s eyes aren’t open AND he’s giving Quasar the side-eye, but somehow he managed. In Quency’s defense, Quasar really is a boob hog. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Things That Are True:
1. Greg is reluctant to have foster animals.
2. I get fosters anyway.
3. Greg is Quantum’s favorite.
4. Quantum is Greg’s favorite.
5. You’re welcome, Greg.

This afternoon did not go according to plan. Quantum has been tired. But what new mama of five wouldn’t? Still, she had the blahs. When her food and water intake decreased and she grew barfy, I contacted the shelter, and they had me take her to the vet where she received fluids, meds, and an appetite enhancer. This mama girl feels SO MUCH BETTER now. Her energy is back, her appetite is up, her babies are healthy, and she is once again reunited with her sister. The *second* mama and babies returned, Leap…well, leapt…into the transportation crate with Quantum and kittens and hunkered right down. ❤️ These two, friends. These two.

11PM: IT IS HAPPENING! LEAP IS IN LABOR. A KITTEN HAS ARRIVED. No pics because it’s dark and OF COURSE she’s delivering under the couch. 🙄 I’m not going to camera-flash her, but I can see one baby so far, and both Quantum and Leap are licking it clean. 😭

This is Leap a couple of hours ago, babysitting her niblings while Quantum took a break to eat and then lay on me for pets. 🥰 AND NOW LEAP IS IN LABOR. She waited for her sister to get back.

Leap has two kittens so far! Pictured is neither of them 😂 because Leap is delivering under the couch, it is dark, kitten #1 is dark, and kitten #2 is dark (with possibly white feet). So, you know, newborn kitten photography is on hold. Instead, here’s a pic of the Quantum Leap sisters’ reunion this evening. It’s apropos since they pretty much look like this under the couch rn, both caring for the new babies, both purring up a storm. 

Leap has delivered kittens 3 AND 4! Pictured is neither… for the same previously mentioned reasons. As far as I can tell, all 4 are black or dark tabby. They look like a matched set. Morning should shed some literal light on the situation. (Pictured are Quasar and Radia)

This is a picture of the fence board ceiling in my office. I’ve been staring at it for hours as I wait for Leap’s babies to join us earth-side. Since I can’t get pic of the new kittens without disturbing their mama, you get to see what I see. My ceiling. BUT you also get to know what I know, which is that Leap has delivered a fifth kitten, this one light. Cream? White? Orange? 🤷🏻‍♀️ TBD.

Leap is nursing the new babies and purring. Quantum is cleaning Leap and the new babies and taking breaks to feed her own. It’s nearly 1am now, and everyone’s quiet and content in this tender, sacred space.

I think Mama Leap is done delivering, at least for now, so I’m going to leave her and Auntie Quantum to rest and try to get some myself.

I’ll be weighing and tagging the babies in the morning and will hopefully have pics to share soon. Thank you for being as into these babies as I am. Good night, friends. ❤️




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2 responses to “Kitten Watch Update: May 23 in which Leap’s Kittens Finally Join the World!”

  1. FINALLY… Poor Leap. She wanted to make sure her sister was settled.
    Greg is being Won Over. The foundations are laid. You are my hero(ine.)

    Much love. Grinning like a fool over here and catching up on these updates before dashing off to a doc apt. (Just a follow up, check in, drive by “Yep your bloodpressure’s good and your anxiety… well not so good but we’ll work on that” kind of appointment. All good.

    Sending happy feelings to the lovely Sisters and prayers for you all. <3

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