Kitten Watch Update: May 25 in which we receive amazing news!

Tuesday, May 25:

Good morning, friends! THIS IS THE OFFICIAL CALL FOR NAMES! It’s time to generate suggestions for Leap’s kittens. We had two clear winning ideas for naming convention: the cosmos and time travelers. So! Each of Leap’s kittens will be named for an iconic time traveler (i.e. Sam Beckett/Scott Bakula, Marty McFly, etc.) AND receive a nickname related to the Cosmos. Extra points for nicknames that start with L AND for diverse time travelers. Please share your ideas!

Also, I’m getting ready to do this morning’s weights on our newest babies to make sure the olds aren’t keeping them from boob access, but right now everyone is still asleep in a massive kitten ball and they’re too sweet to disturb. ❤️

Look whose eyes are open! Erwin fre(Quency) Schrödinger may not want to be observed, but he apparently wants to be an observer. Quency is the first of the babies to look upon his world.

Two sister mamas, very deservedly proud of themselves and their broods. Those expressions! Love.

Leap using 8-day-old giganto-kitten Quasar as a pillow. As God intended.

Well, I had to go back to the shelter this afternoon BUT FOR THE VERY BEST REASON. Do you see who’s in these pics reuniting with his siblings?? 😭🙌🏼

At 2:15pm I got a message from the shelter. They said, “We found out last night that Quark’s cleft mostly just affects his lip. He has trouble latching fully and creating a good suction. So likely he gets knocked loose by siblings easier. They think he could be with mom, monitored closely and supplemented. They said he may occasaionally need tube feed boost if he loses weight but think supplement support should go well. Would you be interested in giving syringe supplemental feeding a try?”



So baby Quark is HOME WITH HIS FAMILY, and we have a shot at keeping him here, and I cried AGAIN tonight but the TOTALLY GOOD kind. Rejoice with me! Our boy is back!

This yawning baby is all of us tonight. We are tired. FIERCELY tired. Adorably tired. Tired. Good night, friends. More from the reunited family tomorrow. 😘

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2 responses to “Kitten Watch Update: May 25 in which we receive amazing news!”

  1. Oh that is gloriously happy news. Kitten feeding is one of the best parts of fostering. WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THE EARS!! My friend if you have not seen a kitten bottle feed, get thee to the Youtubes. Watch their ears. It is the f unniest and most adorable thing EVER. I don’t know if syringe feeding will produce the funny, but it’s worth looking up.

    Much love to you and your beautiful little family. The Human ones too.
    Much love

  2. These posts have made me immense amounts of happier. They may be the happiest things on all the Internet right now. Maybe ever! Thank you for sharing…everything!

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