Kitten Watch Update: May 26

Wednesday, May 26:

Good morning from Kitten Meowntain. Everyone is well and on track with weight gain, including Quark. 🙌🏼

Several of you have asked how the reunion was between Quark and his mama and siblings. These pics tell it best.

In the first, Quark is back in the middle, nursing on Quantum while they BOTH purr. I didn’t even know 8-day-old kittens COULD purr, but Quark’s little motor is running up a storm.

And, boy, was he thrilled to hunker down with the sibs and cousins in their massive snuggle pile when he was full. Quantum and Leap were overjoyed to see him. HOWEVER, they are LESS thrilled that I’m supplementing his feedings, remaining quite convinced their own feedings are more than sufficient. They grudgingly allow me to bundle Quark in a washcloth and feed him ~1ml (about a third of a feeding), watching me VERY condescendingly—like, “look at the hooman, thinking she’s a helper.” Then they can’t stand my meddling and intervene, tag-teaming me to take him back, lifting him by the scruff out of my hands and carrying him back to the nest. 😂 Since his weight is on the rise, though, I feel like it’s a compromise we can all live with. ❤️

Yes, Quantum is sticking her tongue out at me (I suspect due to her disgruntlement at the supplemental feedings for Quark) but her eyeballs in this pic make me swoon. 😍 What a pretty mama.

These two. (Also, get a load of those toes. 😂)

That look on your face when they leave their kids with a responsible adult and you suddenly realize that responsible adult is YOU. #SomeoneMadeAHorribleMistake #SENDHELP


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2 responses to “Kitten Watch Update: May 26”

  1. These kitten updates make my day! Thank you for keeping us posted. I’m so glad Quark was able to rejoin the brood!

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