Kitten Watch Update: June 10

The tiniest of the Tinies has her big eyes open! Meet Mary’s eyeballs, friends. This little one is making slow gains. She’s a fighter, she is.

Dear Internets,

As you know, I am ONLY focused on the Quantum Leap foster kitties right now. And a tiny bit peripherally on my daughter’s wedding.

F Your I, my entire extended family is taking the wedding preparations as seriously as I am. Reference: the Cargo Shorts Debate in the comments a few days ago wherein my sister-in-law (Aunt of the Bride) threatens the life and limbs of any family member who dons cargo shorts for the Big Day while my brother insists it’s the Right of Every Oregonian to wear cargo shorts and flip flops any place we damn well please.

Well, my father (Papa of the Bride) has weighed in, requesting Enthusiastic Approval/Endorsement of his Wedding Attire. Please see attached. YOUR THOUGHTS WELCOME.

In conclusion, you can pray for the bride. 😂

Beth Woolsey

The L kittens’ two (and a half) week photos. At 3.5 weeks, the Q kittens are more active than the Ls—oh, the difference a week makes!—but the L personalities are starting to emerge.

L to R Photo 1: Alula, Leo, Lune, Lynx, Lyra
L to R Photo 2: Alula, Leo, Lune, Lyra, Lynx

I love cat eyes. Except I secretly don’t think they’re cat eyes at all. They can’t be. Have you LOOKED into a cat’s eyes? I mean, *really* looked to see what’s there instead of what you expect to find? Because cats walk around with wild dragon eyes. Just right out there, plain as day. So obviously, dragons aren’t mythical creatures, after all. They’re just disguised, and they move among us, hypnotizing us into believing they’re cats. Tricking us into thinking they’re domesticated. The eyes are the only part they can’t conceal because eyes are windows to the soul, and our little dragons’ souls are fierce and free. There’s too much fire and ice inside to keep it all contained. The eyes are where it leaks. But shhhhh… don’t tell them I told you. Don’t tell them we know. Let them keep their secret, but watch them, OK? Watch and you’ll see.

Pictured: Alula the black kitten flashing her baby blues. Ice for now. The color of the glaciers. Melting later to yellow fire.

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