Kitten Watch Update: June 13

Well, that’s it for me. I have 7 kittens asleep on my lap, so I’monna be here for the rest of my life. Please send coffee. And a catheter. That’s all I need. And maybe a pillow. Or a casket because I have died of cute and contentment. You know all those inventories they do in high school to assess what your career should be? They’re all wrong. Incomplete. Because Kitten Lap was never one of the options. Never. Not once. So it took me FORTY SEVEN years to find my calling. Silly me. I thought I wanted to be a writer. I even wrote a WHOLE NOVEL I’m shopping to agents. 🙄 Bless my heart. But I just… I DIDN’T KNOW. So you know, if anyone needs me, I’ll be over here, living my best life with 7 sleeping kittens… and one who refuses to nap. Because there’s always one, amirite?

Quasar and Quark (aka, the Big Brothers) — “OK, Janey, look. That’s the Outside. You go first. We’re right behind you.”

Janey (the Baby Sister) — “Mom said we’re not apposed to go Ou—“

Quasar — “Mom said it’s FINE.”

Janey — “Mom said it’s danger—“

Quark — “Mom said she WANTS you to. All the cool kits are doing it…”

Lady Lune’s colors are starting to really show. Seal point? Maybe?

A little real talk between friends. Qubit and Lynx are sharing secrets. 

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