Kitten Watch Update: June 15

Kitten of the Day Award goes to Alula WHO IS EATING FOOD OUT OF THE FOOD DISH. And by eating, I mean GOBBLING. Like, this little girl has FIGURED IT OUT. 🙌🏼🏆

So far, she’s the only one I’ve seen really catch on to the Joy of Mush—and yes, her tidiness could use a smidgeon of improvement—BUT IT HAS BEGUN. While Quantum and Leap enjoy nursing the masses, they also watched Alula and muttered “thank f*ck.” Both/And, friends. Both enjoying the current stage AND being infinitely grateful it won’t last forever.

The Seven Stages of a Toddler Going to Sleep:
1. I is awake.
2. I SAID I IS AWAKE. SEE? I holding my head up SO HIGH.
3. Mine eyes is droopy, but I IS AWAKE.
4. Mine eyes is droopy, my head is wobbly, but I IS awake.
5. I said I is awake.
6. I is awa…
7. …

Kitten Model/Napper: Leo

One of many reasons I’m not a bit worried about this wedding is because we have a stellar community backing us up. Guarding the family farm are alpacas, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, and goat, Raj. They’ve got it covered. It’s all under control.

Quark wakes up early every day to crimp his bangs. Honestly, he’s better at hair crimping than I ever was, and I went to high school in the 80’s. If only Quark had been around back then to give me styling tips.


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