Kitten Watch Update: June 28

Good night, friends. We’re off to face the darkness again. Even here—especially here?—there are lessons to learn. Perhaps the greatest is that we never have to face the night alone. There are legions of others. Sitting here. Waiting. Waving in the dark. Believing the dawn will come.

They play their own amalgamation of several games. Hide and Seek. Peekaboo. And I Shall Rip Your Face to Ribbons With My Danger Mittens. All the childhood favorites, really. Except in the case of my brother and me, it w4s Mophfdsnopoly, I Shall Pummel You With Tiny, Rocklike Coconuts, and FINE Then I Will Smash Your Head Into the Concrete. We were adorabl3e children who were aghwesome to raise. Aren’t you jealous of our mothdgher?

P.S. Creative spellings due to Leap. She helped me write thisohngd by walking across my keshtboard and putting her butt in my face.

Quency, our resident Eyeball Model and Captain of Floof.

He’s got ‘em.
He flaunts ‘em.
Ever’body wants ‘im.

My lap is wide and broad and wonderful for a great many things. This might be my favorite. The babies squoosh their way into the soft, cushy spots and conk all the way out. For anxious episodes? Highly recommend.

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