Kitten Watch Update: June 29

Dear The Internets,

As you know, I have, for years, been duplicating my daughter’s Insta feed. This is for two reasons: 1. Abby and I look exactly alike so it’s fun to have folks guess who’s who (SO MUCH MYSTERY!), and 2. There is a clause in the Parenting With Sass Handbook that when your kid posts an underboob shot on the World Wide Webs, YOU, TOO must post an underboob shot. Listen. It is what it is. I don’t make the rules. Take it up with the author of that handbook.

Well, baby kitty Radia decided to get in on the action and create her own little collage in the spirit of Abby’s and my twinsie pics. In one, she sexy-crawls toward the camera. VERY sultry, if a skosh inappropriate for a kitten her age. BUT WE DO NOT JUDGE. Her body, her choice, friends. In the other pic, she duplicates her own saucy, sensual pose. And, just like my kid and me, the differences are minute. Minuscule. ALMOST indistinguishable from the original. Frankly, Radia NAILED the spirit of Mother/Daughter Twinsie Pics. It would be remiss of me to neglect to show you her outstanding work.

Hello, friends. My name is Lyra. I am darling, sweet, and snuggly, and I will step on your face and drive my dagger-fingers into your flesh if you piss me off. I am a woman. I can be more than one thing at once.




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