Kitten Watch Update: June 3

Some of you have asked how Quantum is doing with the Tinies, Mary and Jane. When we last left our tired mommy, she was willing to allow Leap and me to care for them, as long as we required nothing of her. It was an easy deal to make. We need to know when we can take on more and when we need to say NO, reinforce our boundaries, and hunker down. So GOOD JOB, Quantum. And GOOD JOB, Leap. And GOOD JOB ALL OF US for doing what we need to do to protect and preserve our mental and physical health.

Leap and I carried on with Tiny care. And Quantum and Leap tag-teamed to raise the Qs and the Ls.

But in the last couple days, Auntie Quantum’s interest in Mary and Jane has ticked up considerably. She has appointed herself Monitor of the Tinies. She keeps watch over Leap as she feeds them, and then Quantum steps in to assist with the cleaning and pottying.

Then this morning, I caught Quantum sneaking Mary from Leap’s pile and carrying her to her own. When she saw me watching, she glared at me like, “shut UP. I can feed my niece if I want to.”

So our agreement stands. Quantum is under no obligation to take care of the Tinies. But we’ve added the addendum that she can if she wants to.

The Ls are soooort of starting to open their eyes, and I keep trying to get a pic that shows you but my photography skillz are not on point, so instead here’s a pic of Lyra with her eyes closed but at least you can see the cool spiky hair her mama gave her. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Another size comparison. This is Mary, asleep on Lune. That’s right—that’s the SMALLER of the white kittens and Mary really is that teeny.

I asked Alula to pretty please open her eyes for us, but she got confused between eyes and mouth, and then she fell back asleep. I SWEAR the L kittens have eyeballs. I’m just not sure I’ll ever be able to prove it. 🤷🏻‍♀️


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