Kitten Watch Update: June 4

Quency says good morning. Quency does not say what makeup products he uses nor how he applies eyeliner to achieve that particularly spectacular effect. I told him it’s rude not to share. He told me a gentleman needn’t reveal all his secrets. Fine, Quency. Fine. Whatever.

I booped Quark’s blep. I did it for all of us. You’re welcome, world. I give and I give.

What wedding?

(JOKING. I am getting some wedding things done. We have cups and napkins now. 🙄 I mean, my children still have nothing to wear and will therefore be naked when their sister gets married in two weeks, BUT ISN’T QUBIT THE MOST ADORABLE?)

This is Mary who is asleep on Quark who is nursing from Quantum. Mary and I will be up off and on tonight because she needs to gain more weight instead of plateauing, which is what she’s been trying to do the last 48 hours. If there is ANYONE who knows how to gain—anyone who can be a WEIGHT GAIN MENTOR—it is me. I was born for this. Send your good vibes Mary’s way. We have a mountain to climb. Nighty night, sweet friends. ❤️

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One response to “Kitten Watch Update: June 4”

  1. Hahaha….I was also born to be a WEIGHT GAIN MENTOR. I can do it in my sleep 😉 I’m reading through a large number of your posts and hope I find out Mary is okay. And the wedding was amazing. And your kids were not naked during said wedding. We’ll see.

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