Kitten Watch Update: June 6

When you wake to hear the baby crying, but you both lay there hoping your partner will get it. It’s a tale as old as time, friends. A game of stamina. Mental fortitude. Ability to withstand torture. WHO WILL BREAK FIRST? And how believably can I fake being asleep?

Two photos. Two competing priorities. Kittens vs. sorting the enormous pile of wedding paraphernalia I’ve been diligently thrifting for two years. Kittens vs. tackling the towering Stack of Stuff I made Greg bring in from its long term residence in the middle of our garage. Kittens vs. discovering what, in fact, I’ve collected from Goodwill at $2.99 a pop these many months of COVID delays. Kittens vs. removing one bajillion Goodwill stickers which everyone knows are the Worst, Most Rippy, Sticky, Annoying Stickers in the World. Kittens vs. THIRTEEN DAYS TO ORGANIZE THIS HODGEPODGE INTO SOMETHING LOVELY Like The Pioneer Woman’s Daughter’s Wedding Except Way More Lowbrow™️.

Gee. I wonder which one I’ll pick. 🤷🏻‍♀️

VERIFIED SIGHTING! Alula let me capture a pic of her eyeballs. The Ls have eyes, y’all! I didn’t make it up. I’m not a liar, after all. 🙌🏼

Hey, listen. I say this in love. I do. But it is a real Shit Show around here these days. I mean, there are poopies, like, everywhere. All of the places. Poopies here, poopies there, poopies in the kitties’ hair. See, for the first couple weeks, the cat mommies eat all the kitten poo. Which is objectively gross if you’re the cat mommy, and delightful if you’re the human mommy who gets to clean up zero poopies. HOWEVER. However, friends. However. Then kittens get bigger and so do their poopies. And, well, that’s a lot of crap for the mommies to swallow. Which is… sometimes what it’s like to be a mommy. Adorable, needy creatures who own your very soul. And also A LOT OF CRAP TO SWALLOW. Too much, sometimes. Too much, if we’re honest. And then our job becomes Crap Mitigation. #WhateverItTakes to reduce the crapload. You know what helps? Other mommies who are wading in crap, too. Other mommies who will lend a nonjudgmental hand and remind us we’re not alone. That’s why Quantum, Leap, and I are all working together.

It will be a few more days before the Bigs learn to use a litter box. A few more days during which the Youngers and the Tinies will hone their poopsplosion skillz. It will be messy. Motherhood always is. And then it will get easier. Then harder. Then easier. Then harder again. Motherhood always does. Life, too. 🤷🏻‍♀️

A Shit Show. I’m telling you. And also a grand, messy adventure. ❤️

Photo: Qubit the kitten with the Bigs’ brand new litter box… literally the only place they *don’t* poo rn. 😂


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