Kitten Watch Update: June 8

Look who’s up and at ‘em, exploring with eyes wide open! That’s our Jane. How much do we love her Cindy Crawford beauty mark? 😍

Jane continues to weigh in significantly under the Q and L weights, and Mary significantly under Jane’s. BUT Mary and Jane are both on an upward trajectory, so I’ll take it. They’re still not gaining as quickly as I’d like, but if I’m honest I’m not sure anything short of becoming the Next Incarnation of Quasar would please me. CHUBBY, ladies. ROTUND. CHONKSVILLE is our destination, so saddle up!
Sweet girls, they’re trying. The weed sisters are fighters.

The brothers Q.

Quasar, Quark, and Quency. At 3 weeks old, we’re REALLY starting to see personalities emerge.

Quasar WE HAVE DISCUSSED. He is like an oversized kindergartener, all enthusiasm, hunger, and flailing limbs. He’s beginning to tackle the others to try to get them to play. The Qs respond, batting playfully, but the Ls are like WHAT THE FUCK, dude. 😂 A week really makes a huge developmental difference.

Quark is continuing to make good weight gains. He’s also the adventurer. I never know where I’m going to find him, and this morning I caught him RUNNING across the room. This guy is a long distance racer. He’s too young to run, but somebody forgot to tell him. He’s also Mr. Personable, purrs as soon as I touch him, loves to play with fingers and attack toes. BECAUSE SOMEONE HAS TO KEEP US SAFE FROM THE TOES.

Quency, obviously, is our makeup artist. He’s sweet, quiet, and sensitive like his twin sisters, and SO graceful. The consummate artist.

There are two perches the sisters mommies use when they need a break from their brood. Here, they relax, chat, eat, and bathe until they’re ready to face their precious, demanding, endearing, exhausting children.

If I had a magic wand, I’d create perches like these for All the Mommies in All the World, and we’d wish ourselves away to them as many times a day as we need.

Both Jane and Mary like to hitch rides on the others’ backs. It’s a clever way to get to the mamas without wasting calories. I like their ingenuity and style.

This is Jane on Lyra’s back trekking over Lynx’s face. 😂


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