Kitten Watch Update: May 27

Good morning from the kitten farm. 💖

Leap is on duty. Ten kittens is a lot of kittens.

And Quantum’s turn. They’re tag-teaming. 

Fluff nuggets Quasar and Quency providing support and leverage to keep Quark latched in the background. Whatever works!

When you and your cousin partied too hard at the milk bar and gotta sleep it off.

A new side-by-side of our palest babies, Quasar the Galaxy-sized kitten and his cousin L5 (actual name TBA). Quasar was far and away the biggest kitten in Quantum’s litter. One week later, L5 was tied-with-tiniest in Leap’s. They don’t look like they’re only a week apart. 😂 Pretty sure both are Seal Point, though… you can see a grey colour starting to develop in their ears and tails.

Mama sisters feeding their babies together. Oh, my heart.

Good night, friends! Radia and Quency have laid their little heads down to sleep, and the rest of us must follow their fine example. Tomorrow we’ll be announcing the L kittens’ names! See you soon.



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