Kitten Watch Update: May 31

Good morning! The Q kittens all have their eyes open. Here are Quantum’s “twins”—Radia and Qubit—showing off their eyeballs.

Meet the Tinies!

Since the Tinies arrived on Friday evening, there have been zero minutes to do anything other than weigh, feed, clean, and monitor their adjustment. Thus the dearth of photos and updates. HOWEVER, now that we’re three days in, we’re finding our rhythm again. Leap has fully accepted the Tinies as her own, and Quantum allows them to nurse alongside her children and other niblings, leaving the cleaning to Leap. Quantum knows her limits, and we shall respect her boundaries.

Now that the Tinies are more stable—eating and growing and less touch-and-go—we can take pics and introduce them to you!

The Tinies received their names at the shelter, each named for a weed in the hope that they’ll grow like them… fast and strong and soon making a nuisance of themselves by being EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME. Plus, we’re in Oregon so weed seems appropriate.

Please join me in welcoming Knapweed, the tiniest of the Tinies after Chickweed passed. ❤️ This little one is energetic and VOCAL, doing an excellent job to ensure it’s not overlooked.

Meet the Tinies, Part Duex.

Lots of folks have asked what happened to the Tinies’ first mama. Answer: we don’t know. These babies were found without a mama on someone’s property. The people responded perfectly. They watched from a distance and waited for the mama to return. They left food for the mama. When she didn’t appear, they set a live trap with the babies inside. Unfortunately, she never showed. They’re still keeping an eye out for her, but when the Tinies were clearly without food for several hours and were struggling, they took them to the shelter. The folks at the shelter put them in the incubator to bring their little bodies up to temp since they were already growing cold. And they syringe and tube fed while they looked for a foster to take the bottle babies…or a new mama cat who might accept them as her own. They texted me, “Do you feel your 2 moms would be able to feed 3 more?” And I headed over to pick them up. And listen, I’ll be honest. I have NO IDEA how the shelter folks manage. They have literally DOZENS of animals, they’re constantly seeking fosters because we all know animals thrive with focused attention at home, and then they deal with high-needs, all-the-questions folks like me. I text them CONSTANTLY at all hours, and they RESPOND IMMEDIATELY, professionally, and compassionately, ensuring every single animal has timely, expert care. Which is why Tinies like these have a chance at all.

I’m so excited to introduce you to the biggest of the Tinies (whose whole self is about the size of Quasar‘s head)… Pigweed.

I’m also very entertained that Leap’s new babies look more like her than her biological babies. That’s such a fun twist.

Two-week Q kitten portrait. L to R: Quency, Quasar, Radia, Quark, and Qubit.


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