Kitten Watch Update: July 11

I adore the teeny white bow above Ms. Lyra’s mouth. She’s a gorgeous girl and, along with Quency, one of the floofiest floofers. Also, she’s one of the goofiest goofers. When this one’s awake, she’s zipping and zooming every damn where. It’s taken me DAYZ to get a good shot of her little bow tie lip.


Alula and Lynx can’t come to the phone right now. I’m afraid they were no match for this beam of sunlight. It is their kryptonite. If we ever want to see them awake again, we must pray for clouds.


Our baby Jane is darling. Those beauty marks? I die. However, full disclosure, she also likes to sniff her siblings’ butts. It’s OK, Janey. We women can be more than one thing. Stunning, Gorgeous Butt Sniffer is a grand vocation. Way to follow your dreams.


R4i-,[——-oi-[[g-g d6-,m3wi295oi56 jkxzdefr`

I put my wireless keyboard in the middle of the bed and let the kittens caption this, and this is what they had to say. IDK what it means but probs something as feisty as it is adorable. If anyone out there speaks Keyboard Kitten, let us know.



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