Kitten Watch Update: July 12

I told Quasar and Quark they get to have a sleepover at the shelter so they can be ready bright and early for their neutering appointment, and they responded by immediately posing for this dark, moody photo. Have you ever seen more somber young men? Oh, bless. 😂🚫🥜


The Q twins, Radia and Qubit, are busy being adorable this morning.


Quency was sick. And then he was better. And now he’s IDK. He takes his medicine, but he’s up and down. And honestly, friends, same.


I’m sick. And then I’m better. And right now I’m IDevenK. I take my medicine, but I’m up and down.

Having a body is hard. Having a brain is hard. I’m not sure I’ve learned how to do either yet. At least, not all the way. Like, sometimes I’m all, “OH! I totally know how this body works! I’ve got this!” And other times I’m like, “FFS.” Brain=ditto. Sometimes it’s technology I have figured out. I can run the apps and the programs and I even write a little code. Other times it’s tech on the fritz—THIS JUST WORKED YESTERDAY, AND NOW IT’S @#%&* ERROR CODES AND THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH. I want to hand my brain to someone else. “Fix this please. When it works, it’s wonderful. But rn it’s a fucker.”

So I feel like I get Quency on a visceral level. The needle on the Sick to Well gauge waves violently. It’s dizzying and disconcerting. But we’re gonna keep truckin’ along, Quency and me. We’re going to monitor symptoms and focus on hydration. We’ll get there, back to the Land of the Well. I swear. It might just take us a hot minute.



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