Kitten Watch Update: July 13

Quick updates because it’s been a busy 24 hours around here.

1. Quasar and Quark are nut free! They came through surgery just fine and only peed their pants a little bit (read: a LOT, but sshhhhh…no need to embarrass them) afterward. They cleaned up just fine and are back to energetic play with the masses. Other than napping a little extra, there’s no effect from surgery. They’re happy boys, and I believe they’ll be ready for their new homes very soon.

2. Quency, the eyeball model who’s been up and down is UP again. He’s on a second antibiotic now—one that targets more than soft poopies—and his weight is bumping back up where we want it. He’s far bouncier than he was, and I’m crossing fingers the road to health is straightforward from here.

3. If I leave my coffee unattended on my desk, Leap helps herself. A few fast facts: a) no, I do not let her drink it—coffee and milk are bad for cats, b) yes, I do feel TERRIBLE taking coffee away from a young mama—I AM SO SORRY, LEAP, and c) yes, of course I still drink it after her tongue has been in it because I have Priorities and Drinking My Coffee is at the top of that list.

More soon.



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