Kitten Watch Update: July 8

Today on “Weight, Weight, Don’t Tell Me!” we have Good News Thursday…all weight related.

Weight, Weight Good News Announcement 1: This little muppet made weight yesterday! Mary is *almost* one whole pound which means she got her first set of vaccines. HOORAY FOR MARY! And hooray for Jane, too—although it was less of a surprise that Jane made weight, we’re equally thrilled she has her first set of vaccines on board, as well.

In More Mary News, she ALSO ate her meat/milk-replacement mash out of a bowl this morning instead of a syringe. Pretty soon, she’ll be eating wet food like the Big Kids.

Stay tuned for more Weight, Weight announcements to come.


Next up on Weight, Weight, Don’t Tell Me: Good News Announcement 2!

Hey, remember how just yesterday Quency the Eyeball Model had the poops and lost weight and had to go on antibiotics? Well, it seems they are working. Robustly. Exceptionally. To give you more information than you EVER wanted, Quency weighed 610 grams in the middle of last week. He gained to 670 grams by Sunday. Then lost to 600 grams by yesterday morning. Kittens are supposed to gain an average of 10 grams/day, so a loss of 70 over 3 days is obviously Not Good. Add in his poopy pants, and the shelter knew we had a problem. He had 2 doses of antibiotics yesterday and 1 so far this morning. Soft poopies are a thing of the past. And this afternoon he weighed in at 700 grams. SEVEN HUNDRED. Like his little body was all THANKS FOR THE BOOST, WE’VE GOT IT FROM HERE.

So we’ll complete the weeklong course of antibiotics (obviously—no need to create a superbug in Quency’s belly), but this kid is already on the mend. As you can see by his wrestling match with Mary.

If he keeps this up, he’s going to find a place on the neutering docket real soon. BUT DON’T TELL HIM, PLEASE. He already hate-hate-hates his medicine. Let’s not discourage him by telling him what’s about to happen to his wee little balls. K? K. He’ll thank us later. Or he won’t, but it’ll be too late then. 😉


Next on Weight, Weight, Don’t Tell Me: Good News Announcement 3! Which is more like Bittersweet Announcement 3, but such is life.

Guess who’s allllllmost ready to fly the nest? Correct! In a surprise to zero people following the Quantum Leap kittens, Quasar is up for adoption FIRST. He’s the biggest of the kittens (always was, probably always will be), and yesterday he made weight to be eligible for neutering.

His appointment is Monday. THIS Monday we bid adieu to Quasar’s balls. Adios, testes! Sayonara, ‘nads. See ya later, thunder eggs. And then, shortly after their departure, he will heal from surgery with us…and then go on to his Furever Home. Which is WOOHOO! 🎉 🥳 So exciting! And also boohoo. ☹️🥺 So sad for us. As the natural progression of growth so often is. Woohoo and boohoo. Happy and sad. Consolation and desolation intertwined.

We shall enjoy these last few days we have with Quasar. He plays hard and loves harder, often the first to greet us when we come in the room, purring like mad.

I have one more Weight, Weight Announcement today, coming soon. *Somebody* also made weight to be fixed on Monday. Before I tell you, though, I’m gonna give you a chance to GUESS WHO. 💖👏🏼


And our final Weight, Weight, Don’t Tell Me update…

Good News Announcement 4!

In a surprise twist to the story, the other kitten who weighs enough to be fixed on Monday is QUARK.

Remember when we thought he was gonna have to be tube fed for 6 months before he could have surgery to fix his cleft palate? And then they discovered it was just a cleft lip that only mildly affected his ability to feed so he got to come home as long as I syringe fed him? And then he was all, “HECK, NO. I GOT THIS, HOOMAN!” and HE DID GOT THIS??

Well, Quark wasn’t forking around. He gave himself extra boob time AND THEN HE DISCOVERED WET FOOD and there was no stopping him. He was ALL IN.

His reward shall be losing his baby balls. And finding his Furever Home. I believe he’ll decide it’s a worthy trade. You know, eventually. 😉

(Congrats to Bethany Lee who first guessed correctly!)

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