Easter Reasons to Be Thankful for My Weirdos

[Tiny Little Explanatory Note: So, it was recently brought to my attention that I’m doing nearly all my internet interactions on social media these days, and that folks who have chosen (typically for excellent mental health reasons) not to be on the Socials are receiving only radio silence from Yours Truly. Therefore, I’ve made the perhaps bizarre decision to double post. That which appears on my Instagram and Facebook pages shall heretofore appear here on my very own blog, too. Which has the added benefit of *me* owning my words instead of Meta. Since you’re already used to Bizarre Decisions from me, I figure seeing posts in duplicate if you *are* on the Socials won’t be too, too disconcerting. But in case you’re wondering why you already saw this…that’s why.]

Super thankful for these weirdos for many reasons, including but not limited to:

1. They make everything fun.

2. They understand that hunting for Easter eggs is a full contact sport, that there are winners and there are losers, and that the hunt isn’t over until someone bleeds.

3. They bring flasks of whiskey and Fireball, and they share.

4. There’s a critical mass of introverts and people who are barely holding their shit together, so we can knock out an epic, extended family hunt in 20 minutes, have a genuinely delightful time together, and then abandon each other for our own homes with no hard feelings. Get in, then get the hell out. It is FANTASTIC, and I’d like it to be my motto, please.

My hand to God, if these humans weren’t that particular kind of lovely that allow us to be fully ourselves, including encouraging the mentally wobbly among us to nope the heck out when we need to, there would not have even been 20 minutes today. But we’ve fought HARD for this kind of family, and there’s no way we’re giving up now. I mean, we ARE giving up…after 20 minutes… but HOT DAMN those minutes are fun. 😂✌🏼

Now please excuse me while I put myself to bed.

Waving in the dark, friends. 👋🏻

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2 responses to “Easter Reasons to Be Thankful for My Weirdos”

  1. Yay–I’m glad to see you back on the blogosphere! I can’t stomach social media and I’ve missed your posts. I also need to step up my Easter egg game.

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