Five Kids: A Year in Review

I’m starting off the New Year by leaving my husband and four kids and taking off for Central America. Or, as I like to call it, living the dream.

The only problem is I’m a disappointment to myself and Mamas-In-Need-Of-A-Break everywhere because I’m already a teeny, tiny emotional mess, anticipating the longing I’ll feel for the ones left behind. Or, maybe not longing, exactly, for the Large One who’s hollering in his room right this minute; I might not be completely sure I’ll miss arguing with him and wondering how many ways I’m messing him up. But the littles? They’re harder to leave at this age. ...  read more

An Open Letter to New Mama Me

If I could go back fourteen years to the beginning of this Mama Gig, there are things I’d tell New Mama Me.

Things she should hear.

Things she should know.

Things I’d deliver straight to her heart, like that violent Pulp Fiction through-the-chest resuscitation shot, to help her breathe just a little in that time when new mamahood first destroyed her but before she really lived again. ...  read more

May the Fourth Be With You

Today is Star Wars Day. The grand celebration for good geeks everywhere.


May the Fourth be with you!

(And all the liturgical Star Wars fans say: “And also with you!”)

Greg and I found a light saber on our bed last night. It was the perfect May the Fourth Eve present. Greg considered arming himself with it for work this morning. He’s a software engineer; arming themselves with light sabers on May the Fourth is what they do. It’s what they live for. ...  read more

On Being Made Real


“What is REAL?” asked the Rabbit one day.

When you’re 9 years old and a girl, I suppose being an emotional wreck is to be expected.

Ah, heck.

When you’re 37 years old and girl, I suppose being an emotional wreck is to be expected.

But sometimes, it’s hard to know which 9-year-old wrecks are I Stubbed My Toe And That’s A Great Excuse To Let Go Of The Emotional Mess Smouldering Inside Me, ...  read more

Panning for Hope

Christy’s a mom to one boy and twin girls, and an emeritus member of the “3 kids under 3 years old” club.  Which has to be at least a Category 4 out of 5 on the YIKES! Scale.

So when I found out in 2006 that my 4th kid was Buy One/Get One Free – twins! -, I went straight to Christy for advice.

I said, “Christy!  How do I do it?  How do I parent twins and older kids and keep my crap together??” ...  read more

Happy Mothers Day

For Mothers Day, I got a kid with stitches.  Right on his little 4-year-old forehead, a neat little zipper line of bravado, which he proudly sported.

I’ll tell you more about the stitches this week, but for today and always, the most important part of that introduction is:  “For Mothers Day, I got a kid.”

At this time, 14 years ago, I was recovering from my third miscarriage.  I was bereft.  Empty. ...  read more