Kitten Watch Update: May 26

Wednesday, May 26:

Good morning from Kitten Meowntain. Everyone is well and on track with weight gain, including Quark. 🙌🏼

Several of you have asked how the reunion was between Quark and his mama and siblings. These pics tell it best.

In the first, Quark is back in the middle, nursing on Quantum while they BOTH purr. I didn’t even know 8-day-old kittens COULD purr, but Quark’s little motor is running up a storm.  ...  read more

Kitten Watch Update: May 25 in which we receive amazing news!

Tuesday, May 25:

Good morning, friends! THIS IS THE OFFICIAL CALL FOR NAMES! It’s time to generate suggestions for Leap’s kittens. We had two clear winning ideas for naming convention: the cosmos and time travelers. So! Each of Leap’s kittens will be named for an iconic time traveler (i.e. Sam Beckett/Scott Bakula, Marty McFly, etc.) AND receive a nickname related to the Cosmos. Extra points for nicknames that start with L AND for diverse time travelers. Please share your ideas! ...  read more

Kitten Watch Update: May 24 in which we meet Leap’s babies! And get some news about Quark.

Monday, May 24:

Time to show off Leap’s babies! I’ll upload pics as fast as I can tag and weigh these tinies… with maybe a touch of snuggle time in between. Special thanks to Greg, the hand model, for his assistance.

Welcome, L1! 

Welcome, L2!

Introducing L3!

Welcome, L4!

And finally, because Leap had to match her sister, five for five, please welcome L5! ❤️ ...  read more

Kitten Watch Update: May 22 in which Quark is Pentacostal

I am behind on all the kitten watch updates here on the blog because so much has happened SO rapidly. But I’m going to try to get all the stuff from the socials uploaded here today, in bite-sized, one-day-at-a-time pieces.

We last saw our sweet babies on May 21st. Here’s what happened next:

Friday, May 21:


Kitten Watch Update: May 18-21

Just in case you’re not following along on the socials—aka, The Book of Faces or The Instant Grams—here’s a recap since the last blog post on our Only Cats blog

One quick caveat first: if you’re wondering when we’ll EVER get back to the stuff we used to talk about—the IMPORTANT STUFF like depression, navigating the unexpected wilderness, waving to each other in the dark, and pooping the closet—the answer is NO. WE ARE NEVER GOING BACK. Until, you know, we go back. Eventually. That’s the Official Timeline for a return to Other Topics. It will be Someday in the Indefinite Future. And listen, I know there are shitty, hard things happening in the world right now. Heartbreaking, terrible things. War, pandemic, civil unrest, rampant racism. Things that, on a macro scale, are far, far more important than Two Sweet Foster Kitties. Not to mention the weights we each carry personally—the medical bill we’re not sure we can pay, the unhappy child we don’t know how to help, the relationship trauma—you know. All of It. Shitty, Hard Things. And they will be there waiting. But my heart needed these Sister Mamas more than I can adequately express. Right now, they are joy and solace. A difference I can make on a micro scale…a micro scale that is, to them, the Whole World. So here we are and here we shall be for a while. As always, you’re welcome to join my heart and brain and the weird, wonderful places they take us. ...  read more

20 Gifts UNDER $20

A few days ago, I saw a “Presents Under $50” list that made me roll my eyes HARD and then ask my family to roll THEIR eyes, too, because my own two were an INSUFFICIENT NUMBER of eyes to roll in response. It wasn’t the general idea of presents under $50. I’m at least theoretically all for that. It was this specific list that caused the eye gymnastics.  ...  read more