I Am A Balloon

I am a balloon. 

I’ve tried and tried (and tried and tried) to find words that apply in this After Time. Which is to say, I’ve tried and tried (and tried and tried) to find words that apply to this Life. The era in which I exist is just a conceit. An important one, I think, for the After Times is an era of chaos and uncertainty and triumph and tragedy and looking for the helpers and being disappointed and uplifted, sometimes at the same time, but a conceit nevertheless because if we were honest we’d just admit Life has always been thus and thus will always be.  ...  read more

How I Give Them Up: Why I’m Not Keeping the Kittens

OK, one thousand people have asked me if I’m adopting any of the Q or L or Weed kittens. Or the mamas. Are you adopting the mamas? PLEASE ADOPT THE MAMAS. And my answer is no. BUT WAIT. Pull up a chair for a minute and let me tell you why.

Once upon a time, I fostered Golden Retriever rescues. I will do that again someday when I’m off the kitten bent. And it was Very Hard giving them up to their furever families. Very, Very Hard. But the Hardest of All was Nikki. ...  read more

Free Parenting Advice (I know. I know. But hear me out.)


(I know. I know. But hear me out.)

Perhaps the Single Most Important Thing I’ve learned about parenting in my 23 years working this shtick is HOLD YOUR PARENTING STYLE LOOSELY. Try something. If it works, FANTASTIC. Pat yourself on the back. Give yourself a high five. Because Things That Work don’t come along every day, and also Things That Work morph like gremlins in water to Things That Definitely DO NOT Work faster than a toddler to the cat box. Faster than a baby to a knife. Faster than a teenager to I Was Only Going to Light Off ONE Firework in My Hand. 🙄 FAST, in other words. Lightning, friends. ...  read more

Kitten Watch Update: July 16

Everyone is fine, but Quency shared his tummy bug with the rest of the babies—even though I specifically told him to share TOYS, not ILLNESSES—but kids these days. 🤷🏻‍♀️ So yesterday and today we’re eating, resting, drinking fluids, and taking our yucky, yucky, yucky medicine that’s supposed to be fish-flavored but is GROSS, GAG, I HATE THIS flavored, instead. All are on the upswing after brief weight dips, and I am not exactly thrilled about leaving tomorrow but I keep reminding myself that I am not the Only Person in the Whole Wide World who’s ever taken care of kittens. Still, if I look like an exhausted, crazy person in this pic whilst snuggling kittens, that might have a teeny, tiny bit of truth to it. ...  read more

Nope Day: Not a Kitten Watch Update

I noped today, friends. Just looked at all the stuff that needs doing and noped at all of it. Hard nope. And I’m taking a mental health afternoon, instead.

I’ve been spinning lately. My mind whirring and revving. Thoughts and thoughts and thoughts and thoughts. All full speed all the time. I think all day. I think as I try to sleep. I wake up think think thinking. Even when I’m only waking up to pee. The THOUGHTS. They’re there, waiting for me. Constant chatter. It’s exhausting. ...  read more

Kitten Watch Update: July 13

Quick updates because it’s been a busy 24 hours around here.

1. Quasar and Quark are nut free! They came through surgery just fine and only peed their pants a little bit (read: a LOT, but sshhhhh…no need to embarrass them) afterward. They cleaned up just fine and are back to energetic play with the masses. Other than napping a little extra, there’s no effect from surgery. They’re happy boys, and I believe they’ll be ready for their new homes very soon. ...  read more

Kitten Watch Update: July 12

I told Quasar and Quark they get to have a sleepover at the shelter so they can be ready bright and early for their neutering appointment, and they responded by immediately posing for this dark, moody photo. Have you ever seen more somber young men? Oh, bless. 😂🚫🥜

The Q twins, Radia and Qubit, are busy being adorable this morning. ...  read more