It’s World Malaria Day!

World Malaria Day. Ah, the memories!

Today – April 25th – is World Malaria Day. I know you’ve had it circled on your calendars, and I’m probably interfering with your own malarial memories, so I’ll try to keep this short. No guarantees, though, since I suck at brevity.

Once upon a time, I was 13 years old with feathered Farrah Fawcett hair and a penchant for lying to my parents. ...  read more

The Tooth Fairy Intervention

I think the Tooth Fairy might have a problem.

Now, I’m not saying she’s drinking too much or doing drugs, but there are some warning signs, and I just wouldn’t be a very good friend if I ignore them and assume all’s well. Since you may be friends with the Tooth Fairy, too, I thought we might talk about our experiences and decide together whether we need to intervene. ...  read more

Now Playing: The Five Kids Christmas Album

I’ve always wanted to record my very own Christmas album.

Actually, that’s not even a little bit true for an album of any kind, unless you count taping Madonna off the radio when I was 11 and singing “Material Girl” super loud because my mother detested all that Madonna represented in the 1980’s. What can I say? I was living in a material world, and I was a material girl. It was like the anti-song for the true meaning of Christmas, and it transformed my mother into a crazy woman. When I was 11, that kind of awesome got marked straight in the Win Column of my Big Book of Driving My Mother Insane. I was on a roll! ...  read more

How to Make Coffee and Change the World

There are many things I love about Medical Teams International, but I shall start with the most important.

These people do not kid around when they make coffee.

For sooth, when the folks who work at Medical Teams International make coffee, they do it like every last one of them is a sleep-deprived mother of five. It’s strong, it’s opaque, you can eat it with a fork, and it will keep your heart revved on Maximum Speed for at least 4 hours. You guys, these are the people you can trust to change the world. ...  read more

One in a Million

Hey!  It’s my birthday!  I have kicked the butt of 38 years of life.  And today, Life must bow its head in acknowledgement.  (Thanks, Life.  You’re a good egg.)

For my birthday, I want world peace.

Anybody out there hoarding all the world peace?  ‘Cause I’m a mom, so I can buh-ring it if you need a little chat about sharing. ...  read more

We mamas and our thoughts about food…

We spent the weekend prepping for unexpected, needle-embedded-in-my-preschooler’s-leg surgery.

Cael prepped by running around, playing baseball, and digging mud pits al fresco with his brother and cousin.

I prepped by thinking about food.

See, due to the rather unplanned nature of this entire event, he got pot luck when it came to a surgery slot for Monday.  Surgery was scheduled for 2:00pm, as opposed to the early morning spots usually reserved for young kiddos. ...  read more

Heavy Heart

Blogging is very self-serving.  It gives me an outlet to share those things going on with MY children, MY husband, in MY house, in MY thoughts, and in MY little corner of the world.

Me, me, me.

It may surprise you to learn that sometimes I get rather sick of myself.  I think I do a marvelous job of keeping that little secret under wraps.

But I’ll tell you, things happen that take me out of my ego-centric world.  Really, they do. ...  read more