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  • A terrible, awful, very good day

    I was 2.5 hours late to work yesterday morning.

    I took a kid to a doctor’s appointment in the morning.  The appointment was a half-hour long and an hour round-trip from home, so part of my delay to work was planned.

    Then, just as I was headed out of town for my 22-minute commute to work, my husband called.   Whenever a conversation starts with “Where are you?” you know there’s a hovering shoe waiting to … Continue Reading “A terrible, awful, very good day”

  • You’re both winners!

    When I was a child, my mother had the most irritating habit of ending any competition between my brother and me by exclaiming enthusiastically, “You’re both winners!”  Jeff and I are intensely competitive, even now – perhaps because we could never settle who’d won anything.

    Parenting is often a series of extremes, picking and choosing which things our own parents did that we embrace and which things they did that we patently reject.  We tease … Continue Reading “You’re both winners!”

  • Atten…TION!

    My dad is a former Marine.

    There were lots of Marine-isms in our house growing up.

    We marched.

    We know the Marine Corps Hymn.

    We can “sir, yes, SIR” with the best of ’em.

    We know the difference between a rifle and a gun.  As in, “This is my rifle. *grab rifle* This is my gun. *grab your boy parts* One is for fighting.  One is for fun.”

    And we can salute.  Both ways.

    I’m … Continue Reading “Atten…TION!”