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  • Look What I Can(‘t) Do

    My life is a lot easier when I remember which things I do well, and admit where I need help.

    Recently, I made an awesome, fabulous trade that saved me hours and hours of time.

    Abby had an important event at school.  A really cool event, actually.  Each middle school student picked a notable historical character to research as a cross-curricular project.  There were language arts, science, and social studies components.  The project culminated yesterday … Continue Reading “Look What I Can(‘t) Do”

  • I have to wash my hair.

    Greg and I have a large capacity for handling sick kids.

    In the middle of the night, by just the light of the moon and an LED nightlight, we can change vomit-laced sheets, reroute children to new beds, stop bloody noses in less than 5 minutes flat, open up asthmatic airways, and correctly dose medications in syringes, droppers and spoons.

    Our skills were honed the same way desperate parents throughout time have perfected their craft.  … Continue Reading “I have to wash my hair.”

  • The Hairried Truth

    I’m not saying I have under-the-chin hairs.

    Thick, black hairs that grow out of my lily white skin for everyone to see.

    But, hypothetically speaking, if I did have under-the-chin hairs, I’d have to find time in my busy schedule to pluck them.

    We moms are a busy breed.

    We squeeze in things any way we can.

    I, for example, can’t remember the last time I sat and watched an entire TV show without doing … Continue Reading “The Hairried Truth”

  • Cocky or Confident?

    This is a picture of my brother:

    I’m using it without permission.  I stole it off of his gmail status.

    It’s not a very good picture.  (Why are you using this picture, Jeff?  You look like you’re being successfully hypnotized.)

    I’m just calling it right now – I’ve already managed to make my mom really mad.  What do you mean by ‘It’s not a very good picture?,’ she’s thinking.  It’s a lovely picture.  He looks … Continue Reading “Cocky or Confident?”