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  • My Niece, My Prodigy

    My niece: I want french fries.

    Her dad: Well, I want good listeners.

    My niece: But Daddy, we HAVE french fries.


    My little brother, Jeff, is a daddy.

    Jeff and Kim have three kids.

    Their kids are aged 3, 2 and almost 1.

    That’s three kids aged 3 and under.

    Three kids aged 3 and under is slightly less overwhelming than three kids aged 2 and under, which is what they had a few … Continue Reading “My Niece, My Prodigy”

  • Egg Hunting: The Hunger Games Edition

    Every year I’m a mom, I’m certain the Easter egg hunt can’t get any better.

    From that very first time trying to convince my toddling Abby girl in her pristine, pressed Baby Gap dress, matchy-matchy bloomers and ruffle socks to amble toward the eggs that were littering the grass… to last year with myriad grubby kids (many of them mine) blithely elbowing siblings and cousins outta their way with nary a thought to the little … Continue Reading “Egg Hunting: The Hunger Games Edition”

  • When Momming Pays Off

    WOOHOO! It finally happened! Just when I doubted that my lengthy (but extra fun and engaging) lectures were making a difference, my 12-year-old said this to his 10-year-old sister yesterday:

    “You don’t need to play Wii, Aden. It’s a beautiful day. Let’s go ride bikes.”

    LET’S GO RIDE BIKES, Ian said.

    I just don’t understand why people doubt that miracles still happen. I mean, who needs Grilled Cheesus to point the way to God … Continue Reading “When Momming Pays Off”

  • The Importance of Wow

    Puff pastry is a miracle food.

    I’ve fantasized for years about making an entire meal, from appetizers to dessert, using puff pastry as the essential ingredient in every course.

    Tomato and Goat Cheese Tarts
    Beef Wellington
    Arugula & Candied Pecan Salad with Parmesan Cheese Pastry Twists
    Puff Pastry Napoleons layered with jam and cream


    Mmmm.  Puff pastry.  It goes well with everything.

    Well, WOW is the puff pastry of words.  And what I love … Continue Reading “The Importance of Wow”