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Tag: Pregnancy

  • Things That Happen In My Womb

    My womb is a special place.  I know that’s true because three of my kids are forever asking if they can go there.

    “Mom,” says my 5-year-old, “can I sweep in yo womb?”

    “Cael,” I reply, “do you think you can manage to get a broom in my womb?  ‘Cause I know I grew twins in there, and it may appear externally that it’s still capacious, but I’m almost positive that I can’t get a … Continue Reading “Things That Happen In My Womb”

  • My Before

    Last week, I wrote about Feelin’ Groovy, or choosing to be in a groove instead of in a rut.

    One of my current, generalized, I’ll-have-no-idea-when-I-actually-achieve-it goals is to live a healthy, active life.

    That’s been a particular challenge and something that has taken an incredible amount of head space.

    I was a healthy weight as a child.

    Then I was an adult, and I wasn’t a healthy weight any more.

    Oh, how I’ve wished … Continue Reading “My Before”

  • Stretch Marks And Other Ways To Say I Love You

    I went to bed at 6:00pm last night.  Sick.  Terribly sick.

    The kids care when I’m sick.  Just because they don’t respect my privacy and can’t leave me alone doesn’t mean they don’t care.  I mean, they’re in my room every 5 minutes.  Caring.

    They’re right next to the bed, their hot breath in my face.  “Are you OK, Mom?  Mom?  Mom?  Mom?  Are you OK?”

    Meanwhile, I’m suffocating because I’m trying not to breathe … Continue Reading “Stretch Marks And Other Ways To Say I Love You”