Things That Happen In My Womb

My womb is a special place.  I know that’s true because three of my kids are forever asking if they can go there.

“Mom,” says my 5-year-old, “can I sweep in yo womb?”

“Cael,” I reply, “do you think you can manage to get a broom in my womb?  ‘Cause I know I grew twins in there, and it may appear externally that it’s still capacious, but I’m almost positive that I can’t get a whole broom up there.  Maybe a hand-broom, but a full-size version is right out.” ...  read more

My Before

Last week, I wrote about Feelin’ Groovy, or choosing to be in a groove instead of in a rut.

One of my current, generalized, I’ll-have-no-idea-when-I-actually-achieve-it goals is to live a healthy, active life.

That’s been a particular challenge and something that has taken an incredible amount of head space.

I was a healthy weight as a child. ...  read more