The Turkey Trots

There aren’t a lot of things grosser or more physically painful than being a mother, but running a marathon might be one of them.

Jen: “People who run marathons sometimes poop themselves.”

Me:  “Nuh. Uh.

I didn’t know. I hadn’t heard. But that kind of makes my point. I mean, other than that one time when I was pregnant with twins and an auspuff deceived me by being a little more solid than “puff,” motherhood hasn’t ever involved pooping myself. ...  read more


Susan, Beth & Jen
photo courtesty of Susan Heid at
The Confident Mom

Well, shoot.  That half marathon wasn’t going to run itself.

Remember the half marathon I was going to do?  And then the same one that I wasn’t gonna do?  Now it’s the one that I just DID!

That’s right.

If you’ve been following along, you might have whiplash right about now.  Welcome to friendship with me.  Now you know.  I’m wishy-washy.  I’m scatter-brained.  I make up my mind, I change it, and then I repeat, because it’s so much fun. ...  read more

On Trying, Failing, and the Importance of Showing Up

I can think no better way to usher in my 38th birthday than by running a half-marathon.

Woohoo!  The wind in my hair.  Legs hitting the pavement in a steady thump-thump.  Butt rising and ker-plopping with each stride.

Coincidentally, I turn 38 this Thursday, October 13th and I’m registered to run a half-marathon on Sunday the 16th.

My friend, Abbie, and I agreed to run this half-marathon together.  Not only did we agree to run it, we actually agreed on what running means. ...  read more

I’m calloused.

I went running today.

3.7 miles

Now, 3.7 miles is a LOT farther than running to my mail box.  Which I used to couldn’t do.  (Go with me on that grammar thing; it was kinda fun for me.)

But 3.7 is clearly not as far as I need to run for the half-marathon my nutsoid sister-in-law convinced me to do this Fall.

Pneumonia put a serious crimp in the training plan.  The illness I thought would require three weeks for recovery took ten weeks total.  So, oh, pretty much February through April. ...  read more

My Before

Last week, I wrote about Feelin’ Groovy, or choosing to be in a groove instead of in a rut.

One of my current, generalized, I’ll-have-no-idea-when-I-actually-achieve-it goals is to live a healthy, active life.

That’s been a particular challenge and something that has taken an incredible amount of head space.

I was a healthy weight as a child. ...  read more


Peer pressure is alive and well, even though I’m 37.

You’d think I’d have learned by now.

If your friend jumps off a bridge, would you jump, too?

Sadly, I must answer yes.

Yes.  If my beloved sister-in-law Kim jumps off a bridge, I’ll be right there next to her, plummeting to my death.

In my defense, Kim has the spiritual gift of peer pressure. ...  read more

Be The Encouraging Stranger

Lesson learned.

Never underestimate the power of a stranger’s words.

I just went running.

I run because it’s the only kind of exercise I’ve managed to consistently fit into a life with five kids.  I don’t have to get gear together or drive to a gym or buy special clothes.  I don’t have to wear a swimsuit, or watch myself dance in front of a wall of mirrors. (My running shoe is off to you, Leanne!) ...  read more